Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Noted racial harmony expert Chris Matthews lives in ritzy town with ten whole black people in it.

Written By: Bob - Aug• 30•12

Chris Matthews lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland, which incidentally is whiter than Chevy Chase.

It must be tough to be as racially-attuned as MSNBC host Chris Matthews. The progressive Democrat has the uncanny ability to detect the slightest hint of racism in conservative political speech, even when no one else can see it.

It troubled me to find out that his racial sensitivity may instead be an allergy.

Poor guy.

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  1. emdfl says:

    That’s more then most libs have living nearby…

  2. STT says:

    He doffs a beautiful structurally hitlarian do.

  3. Walt Kisner says:

    Chris Tingles Matthew is just a member of that liberal club whose members all preach diversity and integration but do everthing to avoid having to actually engage in it themselves. With few exceptions you will find them energetically supporting any and all efforts to integrate but they will be found for the most part residing in pricy not so integrated enclaves and their children will be attending private schools. There policy is integration for thee but not for me. Tingles is just another version of Warren.

  4. Brick Smith says:

    I once heard this clown remark on “Hardball” that he had never met a black until he was a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill. Yeah, Chris keep lecturing on race.

  5. firefirefire says:

    Rev. Wright one of those 10?

  6. Akatsukami says:

    Matthews confuses “harmony” with “homogeneity”; they both begin with “h”, and one letter at a time is all that he can handle.

  7. teapartydoc says:

    Maybe he should start speaking in Ebonics when he does his show. Just to show solidarity.

  8. PTL says:

    Racists lecture others on race because they know the subject so well from years of practice.

  9. Diggs says:

    That’s ten more blacks than live near the Kennedy compound.

  10. roger h says:

    I recall a cartoon in Mad Magazine with a reporter interviewing a town’s mayor. Asked if they have racial problems in their community, the Mayor proudly answers “none whatsoever”. The reporter then asks how many minorities live in the town and the mayor answers “none whatsoever”.

  11. Neo says:

    That’s because MSNBC offers counterprogramming, not coverage. All that arch sarcasm and partisan brio may rev up the cable channel’s fans, but it constrains — and stains — NBC News, its corporate sibling, which is still the country’s No. 1 source in the evening.

    NBC and the other broadcast networks cut their live convention coverage to an hour during prime time this year, which leaves barely time to show the main speeches, let alone analyze them. Yet NBC’s chief anchor, Brian Williams, has conspicuously avoided the most fractious MSNBC discussion panels. Those anchors who do make dutiful appearances, like David Gregory and Tom Brokaw, are badly needed but don’t stay long or join the fray — like piano players in a brothel, they don’t go upstairs.

  12. john says:

    Who is Chris Matthews, anyhow? :-)