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Ryan’s simple, deadly truth

Poor, poor Joan Walsh. The Salon sob was so bowled over by Rep. Paul Ryan’s Republican National Convention speech that she was reduced to parroting Obama Campaign tweets, a tack taken by several hysterical  peers. In each and every instance these deflated, listless Obama apologists were reduced to misquoting Ryan’s speech in order to savage […]

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Zimmerman judge ordered out by appeals court

Florida Judge Kenneth Lester, who had been the judge in the Second Degree Murder case against George Zimmerman, has been thrown off the case by a three-judge panel when he refused to recuse himself for bias: A Florida appeals court today ordered Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. to disqualify himself in George Zimmerman’s trial for the alleged murder of […]

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Condi Rice and Paul Ryan deliver powerfully in key RNC addresses

I’ve been following politics for long enough now that I’ve developed a resistance to carefully-crafted political speeches, even if delivered earnestly and competently. It take a lot for a politician to make my heart soar, but both Former Secretary of State Rice and Vice Presidential candidate Ryan were powerful, uplifting speakers that delivered a message […]

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Media racism running rampant at RNC 2012

There has been a tremendous display of racism so far at the 2012 Republican National Convention, and that’s just within MSNBC, which did a Stalinist purge of GOP minority speakers: One of the left’s favorite attacks on the Republican Party is that it is the party of old white people, devoid of diversity and probably […]

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Name them. Shame them.

I don’t care who these jerks are. I suspect that if I ever caught someone doing this, I’d be leaving in handcuffs and the remains of the racist bastards would have to be cleaned up with a mop. The Republican Party is responding to an incident yesterday in which two attendees at the GOP’s Tampa […]

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