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Ryan plan actually better for seniors than Obamacare

Written By: Bob - Aug• 14•12

Anonymous Democratic “sources” in the media are claiming that they were salivating at the chance to go after Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s VP pick. I don’t buy it for a second, and the satire site The Onion actually does a masterful job of echoing liberal fears. What Ryan really represents is a brilliant, charismatic, and yes, good-looking Veep candidate that has policy gravitas from an inside-the-government perspective that excellently complements Romney’s private sector experience.

Compare Romney’s private sector experience against the Obama/Biden ticket, and it’s a crushing defeat for Obama and Biden; they’ve never worked in the private sector. Of course, Democrats are sure to point out Ryan’s lack of private sector experience as well, having only worked in his family’s construction business.

But Ryan also cleans Obama’s and Biden’s clocks when it comes to public policy as well, particularly fiscal matters. Ryan is the chair of the House Budget Committee, and has taken the only realistic steps to keep entitlement programs like Medicare remotely viable. In comparison, Obamacare guts $700 million from Medicare and includes the so-called “death panels” that determine when a person has “had enough” medical care.

Ryan’s plan exempts anyone over the age of 55 from changes to Medicare, while assuring that the program will exist for those of us under 55… something Obama and the Democrats lack the courage to address (kind of like the federal budget the Democrat-led Senate has dodged passing since before the iPad hit the market).

Is Ryan’s plan perfect? Of course not. But it is the only plan on the table, as childish Democrats simply, childishly pretend that the end of the road isn’t in sight, and choose to boldly lie to spite of the facts and voters that they seem to think are idiots.

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  1. MD LAKE says:

    Dude, That’s 700 BILLION! not Million. That would be today’s deficit incurred by our gov’t. /sarc/