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Should the NYPD even have guns?

Written By: Bob - Aug• 27•12

If so, maybe just one bullet?

Two NYPD cops fire a volley of shots at one murderer, and hit nine civilians. I ask at PJ Media if the citizens of Michael Bloomberg’s paradise would be better served by cops armed with tasers.

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  1. RRRoark says:

    How about being qualified in at the minimum as “B” class in IPSC or PPP (if they have a similar rating system, no “C” class allowed to carry a deadly weapon. I have always encouraged officers to compete to simulate the adrenalin rush that comes with danger and learn to control their fire while coping with the jitters. I’d even go along with that criteria for concealed carry permits IF it were for a national permit with none of the stupid exceptions.

  2. Phelps says:

    I was in NYC about a week ago, in midtown. There’s no reason for the vast majority of cops to even have guns there. The most dangerous thing around were the cops, lurking in the shadows (literally lurking in shadowed alcoves.)

  3. mytralmann says:

    I lost a good friend who was a cop on 9/11. One of the last things she did before the tower collapsed on her and her friends was use her pistol to shoot out the windows of the tower lobby so the crowds of people coming down escalators and the stairwells could escape the confines of the space. No taser for her. If you folks here are scared of NYC, it is alright not to come. You won’t be missed. And if you do,the cops here are your best friends, truly.
    By the way, I was wrong when I said the gunman fired his weapon. But he did point it at the cops which is enough for me. If he had shot a cop first, no one would have said a word about how the police needed to be more careful. Too high a price, I say. The libs are already twitching about this. Bob could be a rare conservative guest on one of their shows. try the David Patterson Show on WABC.

  4. Joel C says:

    Nope. NY’d be better served by training those lads and ladies to a higher standard of marksmanship. Simple as that.