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The media’s race to wreck Paul Ryan

Written By: Bob - Aug• 13•12

Ever since Dan Quayle was beaten up in the media in the ’88 race and Admiral James Stockdale was savaged during the ’92 race as Ross Perot’s 3rd party running mate, I’ve been aware of just how viciously the media can take a solid, defensible choice of running mate and tear them apart. The way the media brutalized Sarah Palin in the ’08 campaign despite her solid record and reputation as a reformer in Alaska is just the latest example of the media taking the advantage of its “bully pulpit” to paint non-Democratic Vice Presidential candidates as unhinged radicals.

They ‘re going to attempt to do the same to Mitt Romney’s newly-announced running mate, Paul Ryan.

Salon’s idiot-in-residence Joan Walsh previews the kind of desperation, hypocrisy and panic we can expect from the radical left of the mainstream media. She tries to link Ryan to the “Irish mafia” of Wisconsin, which presumably extorted “cheddar” in the most literal form. She attacks him for taking the Social Security survivor benefits he was provided because of his father’s untimely death and saving that money for college, and blast him further for daring to use that money on an out of state school. she finishes by attacking him for being in elected office¬† his entire career, a “fault” she never found to be detrimental in Barack Obama or Joe Biden.

While Walsh throws mud at Ryan as some sort of a radical, WaPo’s James Downie goes the absurb route of claiming that Ryan is a machine politician without any substance of his own, despite the fact that he is perhaps best known for demolishing Barack Obama’s defense of Obamacare.

The leftist media will try out a number of attacks against Ryan to see what they think is going to resonate best among their dwindling audience, and then they will coordinate a strategy attempting to discredit him and alter the public’s perception of him along those lines. It’s as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

What they’ll have a harder time disguising is the fact that the combination of Romney and Ryan is clearly the best chance the Republic has in November of turning the current recession around, and of saving the federal government.

Barack Obama ran on the hype of “hope and change,” only to deliver ideas and policies that have failed every time they’ve been tried, in every country in which they’ve been tried, for over a century. Joe Biden, long mocked as the dumbest man in the U.S. Senate and Delaware’s Al Gore, is a cliche of the big government insider, tax-and-spend Democrat apparently unable to have an original thought of his own outside of his own magnificent proclivity for gaffes.

These two big-government-as-usual liberals are refusing to address the obvious fact that they driving this nation into ruin, and simply plan to continue kicking the can down the road for future generations to suffer from their cowardice.

Romney and Ryan appear to be the best possible antidote to big-spending government-as-usual. Romney made his fortune and his fame by taking troubled enterprises, salvaging what was salvageable and discarding what wasn’t. Far more often than not his team was able to successfully diagnose the problems and turn dysfunctional companies around, making them profitable. Put simply, Mitt Romney is wealthy because he’s very good at fixing things other people broke.

What Mitt Romney in the private sector seems to be parallel with what Paul Ryan is attempting to do within the federal government, which is trying to salvage what works, and discard what doesn’t so that the United States doesn’t go bankrupt.

Viewed in those terms it is easy to see why the leftist media is desperate to make the 2012 election about gay marriage, abortion, anecdotes, social issues, and “-isms” to distract away from the very clear and defining issue of the day.

The 2012 election is about one thing: the fiscal future of the United States.

Sure, Romney’s religion, Obama’s still hidden academic record, the Fast and Furious gun-running plot and the allegations of improper behavior by Napolitano’s DHS are all interesting side issues that keep pundits like myself engaged, but most normal people don’t care about such things.

Americans want to be able to take care of their families. They want to be able to get a decent job and benefits, invest for their retirement and the education of their children, and live their lives with as little intrusion from the government as possible.

In this Presidential election only Romney and Ryan offer to streamline a bloated, intrusive government. Only Romney and Ryan plan to shrink the deficit. Only Romney and Ryan have offered a serious look at restructuring and saving benefits programs that Democrats intend to run full-speed into bankruptcy without any attempt to save them at all.

Romney and Ryan want to save the Republic and return power to the American people. Obama and Biden want to bankrupt and reshape it into a nation that less free, and more dependent on Washington, D. C. and an increasingly predatory federal government.

No wonder the media are terrified of Romney and Ryan. They are the best antidote we have to socialism and bankruptcy.

Expect the attacks against Romney and Ryan to worsen.

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  1. rumcrook says:

    My only quible, they are not cowards kicking the can down the road, they are true believers who arogantly dismiss all evidence against thier liberal/socialist flat earth world view.