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Think Progress is really bad at voter fraud spin

Written By: Bob - Aug• 31•12

They ran with the headline “Colorado’s Attempted Voter Purge Finds Nearly 90 Percent Of ‘Suspected Non-Citizens’ Are Actually U.S. Citizens.”

That isn’t the story.

The real story is “12-percent of suspected non-citizens are voting illegally in federal elections in Colorado.

Don’t look for than headline anywhere, despite the deep impact it would have once people grasped the implications of criminal voting patterns.

If you want to know why everyone knows of stories of voter fraud, but occasionally finds it difficult to produce solid online links verifying it, now you know why. This sort of Stalinist purging of the language is now old hat to the leftist media, who never met a fact they could display with honesty.

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  1. Jeff Hoser says:

    I submit we should be using the term “fraudulent voting”, as it more accurate and descriptive of what actually occurs when someone unqualified to vote does so by some means or another.

    Moreover, since those opposed to voter ID law use the term, “voter fraud”, I suspect at some future date they’ll force an issue demanding proofs of how the voting public was defrauded by illegal votes. >MW

  2. Joe Doakes says:

    This smacks of Monty Python’s bit: cannibalism in the Royal Navy is almost completely under control. Almost?

    It was funny there – it’s not funny now.