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When did start carrying guns?

Written By: Bob - Aug• 16•12

I can’t help but wonder if this is some sort of “oops” in the system, but if it is a policy decision and they intend to start shipping to FFLs like so many other retailers do, I’m all for it.

Springfield Armory 9mm XD Subcompact… just like mamma used to carry.

If it is a glitch, is isn’t a one-off.

I am so putting this on my wish list.

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  1. Dyrewulf says:

    Amazon isn’t selling it, Optiscale is, not much of a distinction, but Amazon is really the ‘middleware’ in this kind of transaction. I’m quite wary of buying from some of the third parties selling through Amazon, I found companies selling $12.99 items for $49.99 this way.


  2. Nathan says:

    According to Amazon’s policy, they do not permit the sale of firearms on their website. So the seller is doing this apparently against their wishes. I clicked through all the way to the “complete your order” screen with no mention of an FFL or anything. I’m tempted to place an order to see if I can actually get a gun in the mail…and then call the BATFE.