Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Who decides why one idiot is worse than another?

Written By: Bob - Aug• 20•12

Todd Akin (l) and Joe Biden (r) contemplate their recent gaffes.

Last week, the Vice President of the United States told a mostly-black audience at a Virginia campaign stop that Republicans want to see them back in the chains of slavery. The nation collectively groaned, the media shook their heads, and the radical left looked at their feet and said, “well, that’s Joe.”

Because stupidity is apparently a legitimate defense for weapons-grade race-baiting.

Over the weekend, a GOP Senate candidate gave a cringe-worthy attempted defense of the pro-life view that a child conceived in cases of rape should not be aborted, because the child itself is innocent. In and of itself, that is a controversial but defensible view. But Todd Akin made a series of callous-sounding, biologically-ignorant statements in defense of his views, and will be forever tarred as the bumbling candidate who created the phrase “legitimate rape.” In all likelihood, he’ll be gone tomorrow.

Why the double standard?

Why is Biden allowed to make a purposefully false and racially inflammatory charge with no long-lasting consequences, while Akin is tarred and feathered for being (stupendously) ignorant and inartful in his comments defending the lives of innocent babies?

I know the answer, as do you.

But the media isn’t biased, and doesn’t serve one party.

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