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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Would-be gay activist mass murderer Floyd Corkins pleads not guilty in Family Research Council attack. MSM completely ignores story.

Written By: Bob - Aug• 24•12

Floyd “Private Pyle” Corkins doesn’t like fried chicken sandwiches, straight sex, or Jesus.

Floyd “Private Pyle” Corkins has plead not guilty in his attempted murder spree:

A Virginia man accused of shooting a security guard at a conservative lobbying group because he didn’t like the group’s politics pleaded not guilty during a court hearing Friday.

Twenty-eight-year-old Floyd Lee Corkins is facing an assault charge and two handgun charges that carry the possibility of decades in prison.

He also waived his right to a detention hearing, so he will be detained at least until his next hearing on Oct. 1.

Oops. Actually photo of Floyd Lee Corkins, alleged Family Research Council, would-be Traditional Values Coalition gunman. He just looks like Private Pyle.

It is hard to believe that a man that carried in so much ammunition with him, and which had two separate known organizations targeted for murder for their political beliefs and their support of a Christian-owned family restaurant, is not being charged with domestic terrorism or anti-Christian hate crimes.

Is there any doubt at all he would have faced such charges if he had attacked a mosque, CAIR, or leftwing outfits like Media Matters or the Tides Foundation?

This is a selective non-prosecution by the Obama Department of Justice, where left wing criminals simply are not prosecuted.

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  1. NevadaSteve says:

    If you are a straight white male you have no right to complain about anything, at least according to the leftists who are currently running this country (into the ground.) It’s enough to make you cry. If we (people on the right) were as dangerous as we are portrayed the murder rate would be three or four times what it is. If the left were as peaceful as the media portrays the rate would be half of what it is.

  2. Green Eagle says:

    How about a word of condemnation about the right wing Sovereign Citizens movement adherents that killed two policemen in Louisiana a few days ago? Neither you or any other wingnut website I’ve seen has had one word to say about them, while you obsess endlessly about this jackass who shot a security guard in the arm.

    I wonder why that is.