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This! Is! Sparta!

So… how is that European socialism that American liberals want so badly working out for those who have to actually live it? Not too good. (h/t Shaughn_A)

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Fry the Brain: redefining “sniper”

I’ve spent the last few evenings getting into John West’s Fry the Brain: The Art of Urban Sniping and It’s Role in Modern Guerilla Warfare. It’s an eye-opening look at one aspect of insurgent guerilla warfare, and it focuses upon an area I’d known nothing about before, which is the art of the covert sniper. […]

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Doing the job American journalists won’t do

Univision is going to make things ugly for the Obama Administration, especially when they remind Americans that the 16 teenagers murdered with Obama administration-provided weapons are just an handful of a bodycount exceeding 302 known victims.

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Lowered expectations: Obama campaign shoots for “success through failure.”

The Democratic National Committee wants you to know that they expect President Barack Obama to lose his first debate with Romney. They do so, in hopes that viewers with have low expectations of the President, so that if does anything remotely approaching un-terrible, they can claim a surprise “victory.” Here’s your hope and change in […]

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Vague threat or opportunity for patriotism? You decide!

Almost two years ago, I wrote a little story for PJ Media entitled: Felons Can’t Own Guns. So How Did This Guy Acquire Three … Gun Companies? The subject of the story, Greenboro’s own Lee Franklin Booth, got quite irritated with me over the story, and threatened both me and PJ Media with legal action. After […]

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