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Moron with an RPG

Written By: Bob - Sep• 29•12

The idiot in the photo above is a 16-year-Phoenix man dressed as his conception of a Islamic Terrorist and carrying realistically proportioned RPG, storming around city streets testing “police response times.”

If you really, really, hate a dumber-than-paint family member, dress them up as a terrorist, give them a realistic fake rocket launcher, and send them to play in traffic. Tell said dummy you are going to film the ensuing chaos to “test police response times.”┬áThat’s what is Michael David Turley did, and now the moron will face charges.

As someone in the article linked above noted, anyone driving through the intersection could have chosen to deliberately run the “terrorist” over multiple times until he was the consistency of jelly.

While it will perhaps come as a a shock to the “urban elite,” many people in the free states carry what are euphemistically called “truck guns.” Typically inexpensive rifles or pistols, they ride behind the seat or on the toolbox of a pick-up, or in the trunk of a car, “just in case.”

If any so armed motorist, concealed carry permit holder or had come across this scene, grabbed their firearm and opened fire upon the terrorist, no jury in the United States would have convicted the drive (nor many juries in California) for any injuries sustained.

Frankly, if the prosecutor wanted to make a name for toughness here I think there is an arguable case for charging Turley with the attempted murder of his nephew the “terrorist.”

Let’s hope this family doesn’t breed anymore.

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  1. rumcrook says:

    I think I might have run him over even if I had figured it was a spoof.

    Some people just deserve a Darwin award

  2. George B says:

    If I saw someone video taping a guy in a blue shirt carrying an RPG that is obviously fake due to the apparent weight of it as it is being moved about (a real RPG isn’t all that light) … I would probably call the cops and say “hey, some idiot is going to get themselves run over running around in the middle of the street being videotaped dressed up like an Arab with a fake RPG. Better get down here before he gets hit.”

  3. George B says:

    I think you would have had more luck attracting attention if you had been driving around on the freeway wearing that mask with the RPG in the back seat at an angle where people could see it.

  4. schizoid says:

    Douchebag dresses up as a terrorist with a fake RPG. Public and police correctly identify him as a douchebag. Douchebag whines that he didn’t get the overreaction he wanted.

  5. Harvrath says:

    If he had been naked the first call would have been made yesterday and they cops would have unloaded 100 rounds into him.

    And people wonder why I chuckle at the idea of law enforcement coming to the rescue.

  6. SDN says:

    I would need as many hands as Doc Octopus to give this the number of facepalms it deserves.

    “Promise me something, Pinky: Never Breed!”