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Written By: Bob - Sep• 01•12

The mainstream media is having an absolute fit that the “urban voter” isn’t crying out for draconian gun control laws because of recent highly publicized gun crimes. What they don’t seem to grasp is that the areas where these crimes took place have one thing in common:

In a tough Philadelphia neighborhood where an off-duty police officer was shot to death this month, a mother is afraid to walk to the corner store with her two children. In a Chicago area where 23 people have been killed by gunfire so far this year, kids don’t want to go outside. In Harlem, a 26-year-old man worries his family will get hit by crossfire.

Residents of inner-city neighborhoods plagued by gun violence say they feel neglected and ignored even in a presidential election year marked by highly publicized shootings at a Colorado movie theater, a Sikh temple and outside the Empire State Building — a year in which Republicans have launched a full-throated defense of gun ownership while Democrats have largely kept quiet about an issue they used to put front and center.

“People are being gunned down. Nobody’s talking about it. But both parties want our votes,” said the Rev. Ira Acree, of Greater St. John Bible Church in Chicago.

Philadelphia. Chicago. Harlem. Manhattan. All are Democratic strongholds where the legal ownership of firearms is highly restricted, or depending on the type of firearm in question, banned outright.

In each of these areas, criminals ignore gun laws as they do every other law (they are, after all criminals) and arm themselves to do battle with each other and the police. These criminals are secure in the knowledge that the police are easily identifiable, easy to avoid, undertrained, and woefully few. They can typically spot their fellow criminals by dress, mannerisms, and deed. They can either arm themselves to do battle with them, or chose to avoid them.

And the millions of law abiding citizens around them? They view them as many people view livestock; they are acknowledged to exist, but are viewed as dumb, docile, harmless prey.

There are large metropolitan areas in other parts of the country to the south and west of these urban hells. They too, have criminals elements doing battle with overwhelmed and undertrained police. What these other areas also have are sheepdogs hidden among the sheep. Criminals can never be entirely certain if their chosen prey or someone nearby is armed with a concealed weapon, and they have just enough intelligence to know that not knowing who is legally armed is an element of uncertainty that ups their risk of serious bodily harm or death.

To be sure, there are more property crimes in areas where the citizenry is known to be armed and adept at picking off the occasional predator. Criminals after all are still criminals. But you don’t see open warfare on the streets of Raleigh, or Nashville, or Houston, or Scottsdale. There are shootings and violent to be sure, but nothing on the scale of the Midwestern Mogadishu that have been created by decades of antigun policy in Chicago and Detroit, and which are apparently rising again in New York and Philadelphia.

Radical gun control only disarms those disinclined to hurt others, while failing to disarm criminals. Ultimately, those that support disarming law abiding citizens are interested in power and control, not crime reduction.

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  1. Brad says:

    “midwestern Mogadishu” not bad, not bad.