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Bloody Handprints: Photos that define a failed Presidency

Written By: Bob - Sep• 14•12

Bloody handprints. The desperate final act of a dying American in Benghazi, Libya, is a perfect metaphor for the failed pro-Islamist foreign policy of the worst President in America history, Barack Hussein Obama.

The Obama Administration knew that an attack on the consulate in Benghazi was being planned, but failed to warn the staff to take precautions. Four Americans were murdered, and eight were injured.

Bloody handprints. The desperate final act of a dying American in Benghazi, Libya, is a perfect metaphor for the failed pro-Islamist foreign policy of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama’s Administration failed to warn the consulate of the pending attack, despite having actionable intelligence for 48 hours.

The parable of the scorpion and the frog has never been more applicable.

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  1. elkh1 says:

    Actionable intelligence or not, it was 9/11. We were supposed to heighten security all over the world around 9/11. Yet our Consulate in Libya, a civil war raging country, was unprotected; our Egyptian Embassy was “protected” with unarmed Marines.

    No MSM coverup could cover this f*ck up.

    • Victor Erimita says:

      Except that it will, due to the willful obliviousness of half our population.

      • Micha Elyi says:

        54% of the US voting population in 2008 were mom-jeans wearing frogs.

        I’m wishing for evolution to work at a miraculous pace in time for November 2012.

    • Toni says:

      Let us not leave Hillary out of the mix of screw ups. Apparently her State Dept. didn’t feel the interim office that the Ambassador occupied was worthy of protection. The buck also stops with her, the most intelligent woman in the world — my foot. Two clowns running the show while the mideast burns!

  2. Manuel says:

    Obama behaves exactly as the English King’s son in the movie Braveheart. Scotland was burning while he was trying new clothes.
    Come on America, we can’t afford to have this clwn as a President anymore.

    • Friedo says:

      Obama should be tried for stupidity and treason. Imagine it’s Sept 11 and he has unarmed Marines in the Egyptian embassy.

  3. aaron says:

    obama is not just a bad president, he is a danger to the entire free world. He is either the weakest man i have ever known, or a full blown closet muslim. Any other American if president would have 1st not let this happen, 2nd if it did heads would roll, many heads….how bout he gets on tv and tells them, for every amercian you kill we will kill 10,000 of you and follow thru with it.

    • GINNY says:


      • Jek Silberstein says:

        Dear Ginny: It’s WORSE than Barry Soretoro being Muslim, –he’s a Maoist who’s a Globalist! Globalists interfere with our Own allies (–it wit: “Arab ‘Spring'”). We even KNEW days before-hand of the Embassy threat, and didn’t tell our people, who were then murdered…after being Sodomized, a usual Arab thing. Just wait until 80% of the Electorate have their vote STOLEN from them, imo, this fall, as SCYTL (SOROS-influenced)Spanish US-Vote Tabulating firm is “Hacked-into” as has happened before. With Barry Winning by 80%, he’ll have a Mandate to “Sovietize” the Entire country. The FEMA-camps will start-up, the “Deluge” will be upon us. Dr.Savage says he’ll leave, so we’ll even be bereft of him, although they’d censor the radio/internet via “fairness,” so he might as well be an “Expatriat”. I just hope he moves around on his boat, rather than settling in Costa Rica where the “Uber-Globalist” Maurice Strong lives. You Hit the Key! “God Help Us!” ONLY God can, help us, imo.

    • Jek Silberstein says:

      Dear Aaron: It will NEVER happen, although taking-out 10,000/per, WOULD “repress” the Mullahs…or start WWIII. Shortly after our Nation’s founding, our first several Presidents ended-up shelling to powder, the Palaces of the Bey of Tripoli, for Piracy, so maybe the Lybians are ramping-up to that…or worse, if Iran loans them some nukes. Globalists (check out YouTube’s vid on “Georgia Guidestones”), select Presidents of either party, with Rice, Kissenger, & James BakerIII on the “A” team (“advising” the Republicans), and other Globalists “advising” the “B” team(Democrats)for O’Bama. JFK ignored his “advice”. The Globalists have come up with the idea of USING Islam as the “point-of-the-Spear” to attack ALL religion on the way to Soviet-style-Socio-Fascist World Governance, out of the U.N.{–started by Soviets/Soviet-lovers like Hiss}. WHY is it, that we never learn about Un-armed Marines? James BakerIII, an advisor to Reagan, didn’t have changed State Dept. Policy over un-loaded Marine guns before the 1st bombing of our barracks in Lebanon occured. The Dept. of State is an “Ivory-Tower,” of “cockroach-like” Globalist Apparacheks, so they promulgate the Rules Of Engagement, which ties the hands of US troops in the Middle East. The Globalists,–Hating & FEARING the US Military, (especially, the Marines, who are ALL taught to shoot), WANT the military to be dis-spirited. As I LOVE my country, I am a danger to HLS, THEY think. I’m NOT violent, however, but I’m certain to be rounded-up, post-Stealing of the Election(–a “hack” into SCYTL will return O’Bama, WITH a Mandate(80-20,R-R will be switched), done with ONE key-stroke, switching the totals, in the programs of this SOROS-influenced, US vote-tabulating Spanish firm). I’m guessing most of these “soldier-suicides” are Globalist “targets of Opportunity”, and most are murdered. I can’t prove it. If it’s just guilt over ROE preventing defense of his buddies, drug-reactions(psychotropics handed-out like candy, in-country), whatever, the Globalists Benefit if another soldier kills himself. We need to have burial-detail soldiers rub some Lard on dead Muslims, but our boys’d be sent to the Brig if they were caught doing it, probably. Rub Lard on your ammo, also?

    • richard40 says:

      Obama is not a muslim, who hates non-muslims. He is a marxist, anti colonialist, black liberation theology beleiver. It is not non-muslims he hates, but western, and particularly american culture.

      • Suha Voelker says:

        Yes he’s an anti-colonialist but at the root is Muslim indoctrination inhis early years at the Madras

  4. Rich K says:

    Im sure he will get Sebelius right on it as punishment for violating the Hatch Act.

  5. ytdontplay says:

    Odumbo didn’t want to hurt their feelings, so he pulled the USMC security detail from the Libyan consulate. bill clinton did the same thing in Somalia, by not allowing Armored air cover (Apache helicopters). Feeelings lead to useless deaths of what libtards refer to as dumbasses(US service personnel). The US Military service members are just pawns in the libtards feel good chess game.

  6. aaron says:

    i find it interesting how angry i become over incidents like these, i know it bothers most americans when americans are murdered of course. but me personally i do not know these people whom were killed, have no relation to them at all, etc..but it makes my dmn blood boil, it makes me more angry than i can put into words, i simply don’t see how how the president can do all put apologize for OUR actions…i would not be able to hold back, he acts almost as if we deserve it..what a bum, i pray to GOD almighty that Mitt wins this November for the sake of our children and grandchildren, this is not just another election, this is the election of all elections. America and the world can not survive another 4 years of this wimp in cheif.

    • Andrea says:

      I am exactly where you are. No, we didn’t know Christopher Stevens – but he represents us and our vulnerability because we certainly are with BH”Osama”O at the helm. The bell tolls for each of us.

    • Christine says:

      Your words express my feelings exactly! I am so worried for our future if Mitt does not win.

    • Connie says:

      Amen! I feel exactly the same way! I want to cry every time I hear the news; so helpless as these things unfold. We knew what Obama was even before he was elected! But 50% of the country is on board with all of this! Like blind zombies! There will be some kind of civil war soon I think.

  7. If this isn’t enough to get him out of office there is nothing we can do, we are doomed. Too many on the doal and depending on him to keep them fed.

  8. Bill says:

    I find it disgusting to say the least that any red blooded American can still say he or she supports Obama & will vote for him. It’s mind boggling that we have people that fking stupid in our society. It was bad enough that you dumb bastards voted for him the first time BUT a second time?? You dont deserve to be called American if you do.

    • jerry says:

      It’s not that there stupid per say it’s that they don’t want to lose their provider in chief. Who will give them free stuff for doing nothing. Diana Braddock hit it right on the head. Who cares about the country as long as my needs are met. Once over half the population feels this way and votes this way we are doomed as a nation. Praise God Jesus is coming soon. In the end all nations will come against Israel. If Obama is re-elected it will be sooner than later. I’m casting my vote for Later.

      • Jek Silberstein says:

        Dear Jerry: I’m PRAYING Jesus will rescue us, but what if he doesn’t? If SOROS switches our vote this fall, via a hack-into the programs of the Spanish US vote-tabulating firm, SCYTL, then O’Bama’ll have a Mandate! Because of the presumed outcry, Martial Law will be declared, and he’ll, imo, invite 30 million Arabs into the country to drive us into the FEMA-camps, As he Islamicizes what’s left of this country. PRAY, HARD,–don’t drink Floridated water (used by Nazis in the death-camps to keep the inmates docile), and PRAY for Change &/Confusion of God’s Enemies! Also, “Good”-Aliens lifted us from Ape-like hominids to Neanderthal & Cro-Magnum through Genetic-Manipulation, and MAY interfere, as they Have powered-down missles before (–because they could!?). After two years of Nazi Death-camp operation(in WWII), “Foo-fighters”(Aliens) appeared, and although we fired on them from B-17s, B-24s & Mustangs, they didn’t shoot at us, and didn’t help the Nazis, either. At least the “Good” Aliens KNOW God’s THE DUDE…OVER ALL, even them! If we LOVE God, some of us will survive even the return of the Nephilim/or Nuclear war. God Bless Us All! –How to recognize a “Good” man? If he ‘stands’ on his knees, to Our Lord!

  9. Jake says:

    The danger to America is not just Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him president.

  10. Bill says:

    Border Patrol agents, Ambassadors and staff; American lives mean NOTHING to Obama and his gang of criminals!!! It would not surprise me that the last thoughts of Ambassador Stevens and his staff was; “My Country, my President has abandoned me!” Look at these pictures left from bloody hands, as they were grasping to the walls of the American embassy, and you tell me; WHY IS OBAMA AND GANG NOT UP ON MANSLAUGHTER CHARGES FOR THIS!!!

  11. runsontrails says:

    I had a viseral reaction to the news of the slayings at the consulate. Does a middle eastern/muslim when in the US fear for anything? Much less their life. This loser in the big house needs to be gone baby gone. How he can live with himself is beyond telling. Liar, Loser. Un-American.

  12. Love says:

    This is what happens when you illegally attack a country, like Obama did with Libya, without Congressional approval. This is what happens when you have drones arbitrarily striking a country. This is the direct result of our dictatorial president.

  13. John says:

    Barrak Hussien is a not our president according to the US Constitution but the US is no longer a republic we’re a democracy therefore the mob rules. The media has done their job to brainwash the masses to keep Barry Soetoro in office so will continue to see our diplomats being raped and our military. By the looks of it Virgina, Ohio, and Florida are gong to give Harry another 4 years, its no wonder the Soetoro administration did away with don’t ask don’t tell in the military. That’s because Barry’s going to send our troops to be sodomized by the Muslims. Good luck troops your country men and women failed you. Just be careful and watch your ass because your commander in chief sure isn’t.

  14. JB says:

    But Barack thought he made friends in the Middle East by telling them he’s freindly and we Americans are good and want peace.

    But he made friends. . . .

    Why did the bad guys fight and murder Americans? We made friends.

    Egghead. Obama is complicit in Ambassador Steven’s murder.

  15. allan edmond karmazin says:

    what a sad situation for those americans murdered and what a wasted and embarrising failed presidency of obama and the incompetence of hillary clinton. They stole a message from rodney king “can’t we all just get along”

  16. gb_in_tx says:

    When one deals with barbarians, one can expect barbaric behavior. Why is this such a difficult concept?

  17. Totally Domestic says:

    Fundamental Transformation = Muslim Brotherhood Takeover