Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

He doesn’t have time for an ally on the brink of war. But, Pirates!

Written By: Bob - Sep• 20•12

Barack Obama doesn’t have time for Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel stands on the cusp of war with Iran, but has plenty of time for fundraising with Beyonce and Jay Z, and photo ops with fake pirates.

Staggering unemployment. Escalating debt. Riots on embassies across the globe. Iran threatening nuclear war on Israel and strikes inside the United States. Japan and China squaring of for a potential war that could see us drawn in due to treaty obligations.

This is the cartoonish fool to which you’ve sold your souls, Democrats.

If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll has time to award Honey Boo Boo a Presidential Medal of Freedom before his next round of golf.

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  1. Orion says:

    Why not a Nobel Peace Prize? After all, Honey Boo Boo may yet bring about world peace!


  2. louielouie says:

    which is the pirate?