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Christian girl in Pakistan accused of blasphemy was framed by Muslim cleric

Written By: Bob - Sep• 02•12

If there is any cult on this planet as dangerous to rationality and public safety as Islam, I’d love to know what it is:

A Christian girl who was arrested under Pakistan’s controversial anti-blasphemy law may have moved a step closer to freedom on Sunday after police detained a Muslim cleric on suspicion of planting evidence to frame her.

Still, Rimsha Masih, whose arrest last month angered religious and secular groups worldwide, may be in danger if she returns from jail to her village.

Some Muslim neighbours insist she should still be punished, and said the detained imam was a victim.

Under Muslim Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy law, the mere allegation of causing offence to Islam can mean death. Those accused are sometimes killed by members of the public even if they are found innocent by the courts.

“Pour petrol and burn these Christians,” said Iqbal Bibi, 74, defending the imam on the steps of the mosque where he preaches in Rimsha’s impoverished village of Mehr Jaffer.

“The cleric of the mosque has been oppressed. He is not at fault. He is innocent.”

Rimsha was accused by Muslim neighbours of burning Islamic religious texts and arrested, but on Sunday police official Munir Hussain Jafri said a cleric had been taken into custody after witnesses reported he had torn pages from a Koran and planted them in Masih’s bag beside burned papers.

I’ve seen Christians that many would consider fundamentalist and creepy, but it takes a uniquely barbaric faith to discover that your priest framed someone for a death penalty offense in front of witnesses, and still desire the innocent victim to be murdered to suit your cult’s beliefs.

There are many different faiths in this world, practiced in an innumerable number of individual sects, but it seems none are is incompatible with all the others as is Islam.

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  1. rumcrook says:

    Muslim “clerics” are not holy men. I’ve Blogged repeatedly about how much evil they incite. No other faith has people pour from the doors of thier church causing murder and mayhem. But that is what happens around the globe with Muslims leaving mosques.

  2. david7134 says:

    I have been around Muslims for many years and do not find them to be moderate or liberal in the sense of their religion. They all seem to be potential killers. One thing that would help would be to declare them not to be a religion. More an organization like the KKK.