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DNC 2012: Is the economy in a vagina somewhere?

Written By: Bob - Sep• 05•12

Michelle Obama on the first night of the Democratic National Convention, where she informed us that she was the “Mom in Chief.” I don’t recall electing her.

If the economy was in a womb, it would explain Obama’s fierce fight to kill it. 

The first night of the 2012 Democratic National Convention is in the bag, and I learned a few things. I learned that the party strongly believes in aborting unwanted children, to the point that it seemed to be the key point of the evening. “If you can’t use your own body parts responsibly, have bad judgement and less self respect, and want to force others to pay for the homicide of the living human that results from your band judgement, vote for us!” What a platform.

Other speakers throughout the evening reiterated that point, with the exception of the woman who insisted that Obamacare miraculously saved the life of her daughter. This was a fascinating bit of mental gymnastics. The law hasn’t been put into effect, and if it ever is, the lifelong struggles of her child’s congenital heart defect puts her on a collision path with Obama’s death panels. I cannot find fault with a woman grasping for hope. She is merely a pawn to be played.

The night had decent speakers, including a pair of Marco Rubio impersonators, though I can’t recall hearing of many of them before the evening began. CSPAN kept panning to the crowd to show Hollywood liberals, since so many of the elected DC variety determined it is in their best interests to distance themselves as much as possible from the President.

The best speaker of the evening was clearly Michelle Obama, who rocked a custom dress that cost more than the cars her bussed-in audience could afford. She gave us warm and loving anecdotes of her husband, which was a nice change from the past four years, where we learned almost nothing about Barack Obama at all.

From her speech, we learned that Barack Obama is a much better father to his children than his own parents were to him. That is a wonderful revelation. Unfortunately, I don’t think he is running for Father of the Year.

What Mrs. Obama and ever other speaker of the night failed to accomplish was explain why we should give him a four-year extension to his mediocre Presidency, where we have seen our economy founder and social divisions stretch to the breaking point.

The Democratic Party has another three nights to make the case for a second chance for the Obama Presidency. So far, they’ve not made a remotely viable case.

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  1. Neo says:

    In November, the Republicans are going to give the Democrats a D & C.

  2. david7134 says:

    How do you sit there and watch these stupid people? That requires a considerable amount of fortitude and either alot of alcohol or drugs.

  3. Advo says:

    Ouch! “If the economy was in a womb, it would explain Obama’s fierce fight to kill it.” That is going to leave a mark! And I need to borrow it for a while. I promise to always properly source it.

    David 7134 – A radio commentator where I live named Michael Berry says to put the camera on them 24/7. Not only will they be hilarious, they will show everyone exactly where the 21st century Democratic Party loyalties lie.