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DOJ IG: White House “made it impossible” to follow Fast and Furious leads

Written By: Bob - Sep• 21•12

Rotting from the head: Domestic terrorism is a horrible thing wherever it originates, but is especially appalling when orchestrated from the inside.

From the beginning, it has been apparent that Operation Fast and Furious and it’s fellow gun-walking plots through the the ATF, were, along with foreign military sales through DOD and a massive increase in direct commercial sales through State, part of a larger and broader plan to increase gun violence in the United States and Mexico. There is every indication that this administration was using these avenues to arm all three of the primary factions in Mexico’s drug war, from the nation of Mexico itself to the Sinaloa and Zetas drug cartels.

The just-released Department of Justice Inspector General’s report was designed from the ground up to avoid addressing the other alleged gun-walking plots, avoid collusion between various branches of government, the roles of key players in the plots, and their histories. If left with only Michael Horowitz to guide you, you would have no idea that the U.S. Attorney running Operation Fast and Furious was the former chief of staff for DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, nor would you know he was the architect of the 1994 “assault weapon” ban.

If you only relied upon Horowitz, you’d be left in the dark about President Obama, Attorney GeneralĀ  Holder, Secretary Napolitano and Secretary Clinton pushing the 90-percent lie. You would see no reference to Obama’s cryptic warning to gun prohibitionist Sarah Brady during these plots to advancing the cause of gun control “under the radar.” You would have no concept at all of the larger picture, as Horowitz’s report was designed to myopically focus on irrelevant minutia and focus attention away from perjury, obstruction, witness intimidation, and fraud comitted and still being committed as top officials of the Obama Administration seek to avoid criminal prosecution for the deadliest scandal in Presidential history, which has claimed a minimum of 302 lives so far.

As corrupt Democrats and their co-conspirators in the media attempt to cover up the murder scandal, the truth continues to leak out.

One can only hope that Mitt Romney wins the Presidential election in November, and empowers a truly independent non-partisan prosecutor to investigate the many unanswered questions, interview those who refused to speak to the Inspector General or were blocked by the Obama White House, and follow the evidence to trial and conviction, no matter where that leads.

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