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Horror: Paranoid father haunted by fears of Obama being reelected murders his family

Written By: Bob - Sep• 28•12

Albert Peterson gunned down his wife and children after a lifelong battle with mental illness.

No matter how long I live, no matter how many times I see it occur, I will never understand the evil that twists someone into a beast guilty of murdering those they should cherish most:

Albert Peterson shot dead his wife and two sons hours after going to church because he dreaded the thought of Obama winning the election, a family friend has revealed.

A confidante of the family for the past 25 years has spoken to MailOnline about the strength and grace of the Peterson family, as well as the torment that plagued Albert which drove him to shoot dead his wife Kathleen and his two sons Christopher and Mathew at their suburban home in DC on Sunday.

A history of mental illness, the loss of a dear uncle, and a growing fear of Obama winning a second term in the White House took its toll on the mind of Mr Peterson, a wealthy defense contractor, the friend said.

‘He just did not want his kids inheriting this mess,’ Maggie L, who did not wish to reveal her last name, told MailOnline. ‘Sometimes we thought he might take his own life when he was so depressed. We never thought he would take Kathie’s.’

There are those out there that are going to want to try to make political hay out of this senseless act, but all I can see are two boys that will never get the chance grow up, fall in love, pursue their dreams, or do anything else parents want for their children. I don’t get it.

I just don’t get it.

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  1. Rick Roberts says:

    I will not make political hay out of it. The man was a nut. I would like to think those around him were trying to get him to seek proper mental care, but the reality is probably that they were “praying” for him, a.k.a, the lazy way to help a person. “Woo, sending out prayers!”


  2. Dusty says:

    I was married to someone who was/is mentally ill and the illness took its toll on me as well as it drove me insane and I tried to end the pain by suicide. However, a friend in the medical field prevented this and I thought it was all me but it was her still and finally I got away with the help of friends who sat with me and cared for me when I was in deep despair. Prayer may work sometimes but true loving friends carry a lot of weight in these medical cases. Be a true friend and help someone see the beauty of each moment of the day.