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Libyan President: You know Obama is totally lying his ass off about the Benghazi attack, right?

Written By: Bob - Sep• 26•12

The bloody wages of incompetence: The Obama Administration insisted that an obscure film trailer film is the reason behind a terrorist attack that led to the murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, when all evidence showed it was a long-planned and telegraphed terrorist attack for which they refused to prepare.

Shovel-ready lies:

The anti-Islam film trailer that the White House has repeatedly blamed for sparking unrest in the Middle East had nothing to do with the attack that led to the death of  U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, that nation’s president said in a television interview.

Libyan President Mohamed Magarief said the deadly Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, which also resulted in the deaths of three other Americans, was more likely pegged to the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

“Reaction should have been, if it was genuine, should have been six months earlier. So it was postponed until the 11th of September,” Magarief told NBC’s Ann Curry in the exclusive interview. “They chose this date, 11th of September to carry a certain message.”

President Obama and White House staffers have sent mixed signals about what triggered the siege on the unprotected U.S. consulate in the troubled Libyan city, with Obama continuing to blame the film trailer even as evidence mounts to the contrary.

Magarief noted that there were no protesters at the consulate prior to the attack, and that the incident was more of a clearly coordinated assault than a demonstration run amok. He noted the attackers used rocket-propelled grenades on the consulate and then fired mortars at a safe house where Stevens had fled.

Though they’ve consistently trotted out the lie that the video was to blame, the White House knew within 24 hours that this was a terrorist attack.
I want you to sit back and think about some things, Obama supporters:
  • Do you intend to support a President that looked you square in the eye and lied about the murders of fellow Americans?
  • Do you appreciate a man that thinks you are easily led and easily fooled?
  • How embarrassed should you be that a foreign leader who considers himself a grateful friend of the United States feels has had to step in and directly refute lies being spread to the American people by a sitting President?

These lies are pathetic and cowardly attempt to cover-up obvious failures of Barack Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East and northern Africa, the failure of his State Department under Hillary Clinton to provide even minimal levels of security, and the failure of the administration to warn Ambassador Stevens of a pending attack, even though the Obama Administration had indications of an attack forming 72 hours in advance. Of course, there is an argument to be made that this is precisely what we should expect from a President led by Iranian-born adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Barack Obama put Chris Stevens and Sean Smith in harm’s way, ignored advance warning they would come under attack, and then tried to cover up his culpability in their murders.

He shouldn’t be running for President. He should be facing criminal charges as an accessory to murder.

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