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Looks like I got that Romney Assassination screen cap after all

Written By: Bob - Sep• 08•12

I had it the whole time…

I mentioned the violent idiocy of Obama supporters on Twitter last night, including some that were foolish enough to threaten Repubican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney with assassination. I thought I’d missed the screen cap of this death threat—contextually almost identical to one of the threats that got a Charlotte man locked up when he directed them against President Obama—but had the file in another program in memory.

It will be very interesting to see if this idiot and at least a half dozen other that posted to #IfObamaDontWin on Twitter get Secret Service visits for threatening to assassinate Mr. Romney.

Just because they’re dumb, it doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.

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One Comment

  1. emdfl says:

    Party affilliation and(probably) skin color will ensure that tweet going down the dncmedia(BIRM) memory-hole before Hassan gets his beard trimmed in Texas.