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Lowered expectations: Obama campaign shoots for “success through failure.”

Written By: Bob - Sep• 30•12

Lowered Expectations wasn’t very funny as a Mad TV skit for the desperate in dating. It’s even less amusing as a tactic to extend the career of a failed President.

The Democratic National Committee wants you to know that they expect President Barack Obama to lose his first debate with Romney. They do so, in hopes that viewers with have low expectations of the President, so that if does anything remotely approaching un-terrible, they can claim a surprise “victory.”

Here’s your hope and change in 2012:

It’s a further lowering of expectations ahead of the first debate in Denver next week. Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse tells Fox News he thinks Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will win.

Woodhouse says the way the DNC sees it, challengers win the first debate when they are up against incumbents.

“Mitt Romney has had a lot more time to debate, the president has not debated in the past four years in terms, of a campaign debate. I think the president will hold his own, but he’s not known for sound bites. And these are 60 second, 90 second responses.”

Woodhouse says Democrats are “trying to be realistic about expectations” because the president is “lucky to be able to devote three consecutive hours to debate preparation.”

And we laughed, and laughed, and laughed…

Barack Obama has had just as much time to prepare for his reelection has has any President before him (four years), and has had an active and aggressive reelection campaign in effect since he was inaugurated in January 20, 2009. Obama has spent more time and money campaigning for reelection that any President in U.S. history, and I defy for the mainstream media to find a single week of his entire presidency to date—192 weeks straight—where he didn’t spend his time meeting with campaign donors soliciting funds. Obama’s entire Presidency has been maximized toward reelection, instead of doing the actual work he was elected to do.

Of course, he hasn’t spend all his time campaigning.

As of the first week in September, Obama has spent 600 hours—15 full-time work weeks—playing at least 104 known rounds of golf, earning the infamous nickname, “King Putt”.

This golfer screwed hundreds of millions of Americans. His caddy only screwed porn stars and hookers.

Obama is infamous for taking hours to agonize over his NCAA tournament brackets, and even posts them on the official White House web site.

Barack Obama has priorities. You are not among them.

This does not include the time Obama has spent playing games of pick-up basketball as unemployed Americans tried to figure out how to pay the rent and feed their children.

Hoops, there it is: President Barack Obama takes a shot during a game with Cabinet Secretaries and Members of Congress on the White House basketball court, as the recession continues.

No time for debate preparation?

Barack Obama has wasted the past four years on vacations, playing games, and fundraising, instead of building a record he can defend. Of course, that’s the real problem: there isn’t enough time in the world to prepare someone to defend four years of abject failure.

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