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Michelle Obama is twisted

Written By: Bob - Sep• 05•12

The Obama Campaign: They asked for your wedding and birthday gifts, and now they want some more.

Ann Althouse got an email from First Lady Michelle Obama today, suggesting families give up a meal and donate that money to her husband’s reelection campaign.

That’s a lot of gall, coming from a woman who had a $4,500 designer dress custom made for last night’s short talk, and who has been on 18 vacations costing a million dollars or more to taxpayers since waltzing into the White House.

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  1. chaz says:

    At least Marie Antoinette had the decency to allow cake.

  2. Fuzzlenutter says:

    It looks to me that ol’ Fat Ass Moochelle could stand to miss a few meals herself…

  3. rumcrook says:

    what does anyone awake and aware of just what and who these people are expect?

    they are the pigs of animal farm. they are the apex predator leaches of a socialist “utopia” in the equation each acording to their needs each acording to thier abilities they are the ones who will be “needing” an awful lot while everyone else tightens their belts. and now apparently literaly not figuratively.