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Occupy Wall Street: Special Victims Unit

Written By: Bob - Sep• 14•12

Occupy Wall Street claims another rape victim: Occupier Jackie Barcliff raped a 56-year-old female Occupier, then threw her over a railing of the 15th St Pier Park onto the concrete 20-feet below, shattering her pelvis.

There they go again:

Police Thursday identified an Occupy Wall Street participant who is wanted for raping a fellow demonstrator and then throwing her over a second-story park railing earlier this week.

The NYPD released a photo of suspect Jackie Barcliff, 44. Detectives believe met his 56-year-old victim during previous Occupy activities, police said.

After the sex attack, the victim was tossed from the elevated park space, falling about 20 feet, breaking her pelvis and right arm, police sources said. She was found about 2 a.m. Monday morning. Her pants and underwear had been removed, the sources said, before she was thrown from the elevated park, which is at Pier 15 near South Street Seaport in Manhattan.

With all the terrorist attacks and rapes, it’s becoming more and more difficult to tell if Occupy is a political cause, insurgent group, or criminal conspiracy.

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