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Patriotism has a skin color?

Written By: Bob - Sep• 08•12

Not to pick on this particular idiot, but this tweet has been repeated numerous times.

I can’t seem to stay away from watching the on-going trainwreck of the twitter hashtag #IfObamaDontWin. Un until now, I’ve concentrated entirely upon the multiple threats of violence against white people and the continued threats of assassination of Mitt Romney that this thread has revealed.

I’ve ignored the utterly absurd claims that Food Stamps will be end overnight, that college loans will disappear, that blacks will be put back into slavery and sent to work in cotton fields. The racism coming from black Democrats in this thread is stunning, sophomoric, vicious, ignorant… and honest.

This is how they feel. I can only hope they represent a vocal minority.

Even worse are the tweets like those cited in the screencap at the top of the page. There are, after all, patriotic racists. They may not love everyone in the nation, but they nonetheless love the Republic and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and What It Means To Be An American.

This nasty thread exposes the awful truth that many in this community share no such feelings. They have no love of country, no knowledge of how much better they have it here than anywhere else on earth. They have directly linked their “patriotism” to a cult of personality, to a single man.

I lack the words to express my contempt.

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  2. david7134 says:

    The measures supported by the Democrats are of such a nature as to enslave blacks once again, yet they can’t see it. As to the threats of violence, I am 63 and can remember such threats going back at least 50 years. I suspect that they have existed from the time the first black set foot on American soil. This may be the reason for their enslavement in our early years. So I am not worried in the least about them doing something violent, especially when they are a war with the police in my community already. I think that races need to decide if they are part of our community or not. If not, then leave.