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Rainspotting: The DNC convention challenge

Written By: Bob - Sep• 06•12

Zero chance of rain. 100-percent chance of empty chairs.

After a failed attempt to fill Bank of America Stadium that included offers to bus in supporters from three states, the Democratic Party abandoned the site for a “more intimate” 20,000 seat venue, citing a threat of rain and lightning for the President’s address. There was only a 30% chance of rain for the evening, and even less of a chance of a storm coming through that late in the evening.

This is the forecast for Charlotte, NC, at 10:00 PM, when Barack Obama is scheduled to accept the nomination for President of the United States of the Godless Democratic Party.

Dry as a DNC delegate’s Godless soul.

If anyone finds evidence of moisture near Bank of America at 10:00 PM, send me a photo.

Note: Tears from Occupy protestors being gassed by the police, or a dolled-up celebrity overwhelming from breaking a fingernail, does not count.

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