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Sikorsky cuts nearly 600 jobs thanks to Obama Administration

Written By: Bob - Sep• 27•12

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp is laying off 570 employees thanks to Obama Administration defense cuts. That’s one way to boost the number of people going on food stamps. Well-played, Barack. Well-played.

You didn’t build that:

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. – maker of the Black Hawk helicopter – has announced the elimination of 570 jobs, becoming the most recent defense contractor to announce financial struggles amid tightened defense spending and the potential for drastic cutbacks in January.

The Pentagon plans to cut $487 billion from its budget over the next decade, but contractors and lawmakers alike are alarmed about a separate wave of cuts that could begin Jan. 2 unless Congress and the White House team up to avert them.

The Sikorsky cuts are set to go into effect Dec. 31 when the company closes its upstate New York plant and sends the work to its facility in West Palm Beach, Fla.

“Faced with these difficult economic conditions, we must eliminate excess production capacity and increase operational efficiencies to remain competitive,” Paul Jackson, spokesman for the Stratford, Conn.-based subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., said Monday.

The job cutbacks are the latest contractor casualty.

Northrop Grumman recently announced it was cutting 600 aerospace jobs. And the announcements come as House Republicans renew their calls for the Obama administration to reveal the full impact of the next wave of scheduled defense cuts.

I get some sort of credit for avoiding the obvious joke headline, right?

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  1. louielouie says:

    or it could be that new york is a solid blue, while florida, where the jobs are being sent, is battleground.
    playing politics with national security?
    saul alinsky 101.

  2. emdfl says:

    Most likely it is because the plant in Florida – isn’t unionized and being taxed out of existance by the state. Therefore has a lower cost-per-unit-built. This makes it possible for Sikorsky to build a product and still show a profit.

    And the only solid blue in New York is in New York city…