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So, apparently they make a “Bacon” Kindle cover.

Written By: Bob - Sep• 15•12

Now, to download a Koran.

I don’t very much feel like “coexisting” with those that would behead me for not cherishing their murdering pedophile prophet.


I’m deferential to Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Taoists, Unitarians, Wiccans, and just about any other faith on the planet that believes itself to be “the way.” I may not agree with their faiths, and may flat find some of their beliefs to be strange or even moderately upsetting, but I respect the rights of the faithful of these religions, as they are generally tolerant of others.

I cannot say that about Muslims.

After 9/11, after my anger cooled, I was determined to learn more about Islam. I was trying to convince myself that those who attacked us were a fringe element, a radical sect, a bastardization and corruption of the Muslim faith. After the better part of several years of casual study of Islamic culture, I was stunned and saddened to come to the conclusion that while only a fraction of Muslims physically carry out attacks on those of other faiths, their violence is entirely supported by their scriptures, their clergy, and culture.

The unmistakable conclusion that I arrived at was that Islam had chosen to be violently incompatible with every other belief system on out planet, and that it could not experience a reformation. It was inherently cancerous.┬áIt’s a lot to swallow, the revelation that one of the world’s largest faiths is incompatible with the values you have been brought up to hold dear, and indeed, with larger humanist goals and the best interests of the species.

There are no nations on this early, not a single culture, that has been enriched by the spread or embrace of Islam. It seeks at it’s core to return the world to be belief system oppressive and violent, reactionary and crude. It enslaves women. It restricts freedom. It glorifies barbarism.

I know that there are those around the world that would like to believe that the problem other cultures have with Islam is one of communication, of understanding. That simply isn’t the case.

Islam tells us, and has been telling us, precisely what it believes for 1,400 years. They are honest about their drive for suppression and oppression of all other faiths, their contempt for human rights, and desire for conquest.

Perhaps it is time we listen to what they’ve been telling us, and form a coherent and logical response, on par to the British eradication of the Thuggee.

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  1. Big Country says:

    Spot on Bob. Been There, Got the T-Shirt and the scars to prove it.

  2. Junk Science Skeptic says:

    Don’t tell Instapundit about that Kindle cover. I’ve heard he has a thing for bacon. If not for him, I’d never have learned about Baconnaise.

  3. Pork Eating Infidel says:

    Like you, Bob, I was ill-informed regarding the events of Munich 1972, the Iranian embassy 1979, Beirut 1983, Achille Lauro 1985, USS Cole 2000, and 9/11.

    Subsequent study left me with similar conclusions to yours. Islam is a cancer on the face of the earth. There is, and can be, no reconciling or accommodation with either the system or the adherents whose basic tenet toward us is fight, convert, or pay the jizya.

    The Kindle cover might be a tad slippery – just sayin’.

  4. rumcrook says:

    We will iether quarintine the middle east and Islam or we will be destroyed. Two cultures cannot inhabit the same space. Evacuate the Christians and only those who renounce Islam in massive visa programs then utterly and totally restrict the rest