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Tell me again how this is the end of the world

Written By: Bob - Sep• 19•12

The media responds in horror after Presidential candidate Mitt Romney states an obvious truth.

Once again today, the media is having a hissy fit over off-the-cuff, self-evident comments that Mitt Romney made at a Florida fundraiser earlier this year.

Romney enraged the media by pointing out that the 47% voters that don’t pay any federal income tax won’t be swayed to vote for him based upon changes he’d make to lower the federal tax for those who do. Like any intelligent candidate would, Romney stated he was not going to waste finite campaign resources chasing voters that simply have no self-interest in voting for him.  Anyone who understands a budget simply nodded their heads at this ultra-logical stance. The Democrat-media complex, of course, was outraged, and declared the sky was falling, that Romney’s campaign was over, etc.

The real world yawned.

A second clip from the same event shows Romney making another self-evident statement, that the various Palestinian terrorist groups that pass for political parties in that dysfunctional part of the world have no interest in seeking peace with Israel. The mainstream media media was aghast. They’ve ignored the fact that every mainstream Palestinian faction—and I use “mainstream” in the loosest possible sense of the word to describe an insane belief system—refuses to even recognize the fact that Israel exists. How dare Romney believe the words they say, or the positions they’ve long held! Once again, those of us in the Real World outside of Washington, DC, looked upon the media with pity, patted it on the head with a sighed “there, there,” and went on with our days.

David Corn of Mother Jones, the ultra-left-wing magazine that obtained the video via the unemployed grandson of President Carter (no, I’m not making this up), is still pushing these stories today, and a “complete” video that is anything but.

Meanwhile, 76% of those polled agree with Romney.

I’m not sure what to say to Corn, or the rest of the media at this point. I’m not even sure they are worth addressing.

We knew from the start that “moderate Mitt,” a Republican from Massachusetts, was going to be painted as a fire-breathing right wing radical bent on throwing grandma out in the street and and finding someone to wage war against, because that is the only storyline the media ever has had about Republicans for the past 50+  years. This is utterly unsurprising, as the same media has attempted to portray every Democrat as a savior at least since the big government failure of FDR blighted Washington.

Yes, it’s incredibly simple-minded. Yes, it utterly avoids talking about the actual candidates themselves, their actual strengths and weaknesses, and the unique contrast every Presidential contest brings. But what do you expect from the media? Objectivity? Rationality? Sanity?


The biggest “secret” of the media isn’t their overwhelming political bias in favor of big government statist candidates, but their complete inability to have an original thought. Take any column by Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd, David Brooks, etc, and simply swap out the candidate’s names and the minor specific details, and you can rerun the same stories from one election to the next. It’s tedious to be sure, but it beats having to actually think about world events or the strengths and weaknesses of individual candidates.

If the media were somehow forced to use their capacity for rational thought, instead of rigidly adhering to dogma, the 2012 election would be a 50-state blowout in favor of Mitt Romney. They could still hold on to the belief that Barack Obama is a wonderful orator of his one speech, but by no objective measure have his policies made the United States a better place, or the world safer, during his presidency.

Obama’s foreign policies have alienated and offended our closest allies in the United Kingdom and Israel. He’s blown opportunities to build stronger relations with Germany and Poland. He’s weakened our positions with adversaries Russia, China, Syria, and Iran, and left our standing in Africa and the Middle East literally in flames. By any objective measure, Barack Obama’s foreign policy legacy is one of unmitigated failure.

Domestically, Barack Obama’s policies have led to trillions of dollars of additional debt, has single-handedly wiped out the wealth of black families, led to 11.2-percent unemployment, and not one, but two credit downgrades for the nation, which has never happened to any President, under any circumstances. He’s polarized and damaged race relations for his personal political gain, and eroded personal freedoms. By any objective measure, Barack Obama’s domestic policy agenda is one of dismal failure.

There is no way for a logical, rational national media figure to argue that this nation is better off because of Barack Obama’s term in office. There is no logical, rational way for the media to believe or champion the thought that a man who has failed in his first term would be any better equipped to handle a second term.

And yet, they intend to follow the script from past election, through this election, and as far into the future as they can until they return to dust. Like the frog and the scorpion, it is in their nature to be deceptive, unoriginal, and scripted. They cannot and will not change, even if it kills them.

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  1. Advo says:

    Let’s show this clip of Mitt along side a viewing of Obama’s speech at Khalidi’s going away party. The tape of which the LA Times refuses to release. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

    Mitt is pilloried while speaking the truth and Obama is sheltered while telling lies and giving aid to America’s enemies.

  2. Rick Roberts says:

    Am I your only reader?

  3. scituate_tgr says:


    They are attempting to distract the sound-bite only public from the complete and total failure that is BHO…and I’m referring to just the past two weeks.

    Truth? What’s that?