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The bucks stops here: Even wildlife oppose Obama’s reelection

Written By: Bob - Sep• 22•12

“Bambi’ wants lower taxes and traditional buck/doe mating.

When you’re such a bad President even other species are out to get you (killer swamp rabbit, anyone?), perhaps it’s time to concede you are a spectacular failure:

A Texas couple determined to find out who had been damaging a sign in their front yard proclaiming their support for President Obama’s re-election bid caught the offender on Wednesday. Tom Priem, a software support engineer in Austin, told he and his wife, who live on a block where political signs dot front yards, were fed up with seeing only their Obama sign repeatedly defaced.

“The sign had holes poked in it like somebody had stuck a knife through it,” Priem said Friday. “At first I thought it was somebody who didn’t like Obama.”

The varmint’s vandalism began about 10 days ago and it’s unclear what the animal has against the sign.

“People across the street have signs and their signs have not been attacked,” he said. “It’s just a weird thing. Maybe they don’t like something in the front yard where they graze.”

Or maybe he can read.

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