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The man who dared speak truth

Written By: Bob - Sep• 18•12

If overwrought hyperventilating amuses you, I can think of no better place to see you today than Memeorandum, which has aggregated quite the collection of hissy fits about a pair of off-the-cuff comments made by Mitt Romney during a private fundraiser earlier this year.

The first comment comes as Romney explains why there is a large segment of the population that he simply can’t reach.

The second comment acknowledges one of the most self-evidence truths of the “Palestinian problem,” primarily that the bloodthirsty savages have no interest in peace as long as Israel/the United States/non-Muslims exist anywhere on Planet Earth. Of course, Romney says it nicer.

To the feckless liberals on the left—including Jimmy Carter’s bum-ass unemployed grandson who somehow obtained these clips—these are Truths That Dare Not Be Named.

I challenged David Corn of  Mother Jones about the first of these clips via Twitter last night, noting:

Corn didn’t reply, and the simple fact of the matter is that he couldn’t: Romney is right. The Obama campaign’s cradle-to-grave “Julia” debacle is precisely what Obama is running on; Corn is simply offended that Romney has the intellectual consistency to say the same thing in private that he’s saying in public. The Peggy Josephs and Sandra Flukes of the world are never going to vote for Mitt Romney.

Likewise, the various terrorist groups that pass as political parties among Palestinians refuse to even acknowledge the existence of Israel, so how can they hope to achieve peace with it?

What apparently offends liberals the most about Mitt Romney is that his honesty pierces and roughly guts the “community-based reality” fantasy world they’ve created.

Mitt Romney addresses reality.

No wonder liberals are terrified of him.

Update: I rather much love Jennifer’s take:

He’s got a point.  Here he is talking to someone looking to fund his campaign. Personally, I like to know something about return on investment before I open my wallet, and it is just a fact that there is a percentage of the population that will not vote for Romney.  If I was considering donating to his campaign, I wouldn’t want him wasting my money trying to court votes he’s never going to get.  And no, it isn’t his job to worry about these people.

Guess what.  It’s not the president’s job either.  It’s not Congress’s job.  It’s really not the job of the government to provide for any of these things. Gee, if only our founders had left some kind of documentation defining the role of government.


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One Comment

  1. Advo says:

    It’s not just that what Mitt said was factual. There is apparently missing time that might (would?) have put Mitt’s comments into perspective. Corn’s reply is the missing time happened when the recording device turned itself off, and the perpetrator of the covert (and possibly illegal) surveillance had to turn it back on. Of course, it was turned back on without either recording the replacement of the device or altering the position in the slightest. Neat trick, no?

    Long story short, David Corn most likely edited the tape to ensure viewers saw only what he wanted to present.