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The night the Democratic Party abandoned God

Written By: Bob - Sep• 06•12

Night Two of the 2012 Democratic National Convention: a trainwreck only an Addams could love.

This evening, a few tens of thousands watching were permanently scarred by the most inept and incompetent political convention for either party in living memory.

The debacle began with the Democrats attempting to re-insert a solitary reference to “God” into the party platform, along with recognizing that Jerusalem was the capitol of Israel. The delegates on the convention floor twice denied a flustered chairman Antonio Villaraigosa a floor vote with the vocal “no” shouts drowning out the smattering of  “ayes.”

After a third desperate call yielded the same denunciation of God on the platform, Villaraigosa blatantly ignored his own party’s rules. He made a dictatorial declaration that the “ayes” won when they clearly fell short of having even half the delegates on board, and were far short of the two-thirds majority required. After Villaraigosa unilaterally declared the amendment passed, he was heavily booed by the Democratic delegates he’d just run roughshod over.

Tonight will be remembered as the night the Democratic Party officially abandoned God.

After plummeting so far, so fast, nothing short of a human sacrifice could have made the spectacle any more repulsive. The Democratic Party obliged, trotting out not pro-choice activists, but pro-abortion activists, that were so enthused with infanticide that they almost seemed to view the murder if innocents as a rite of passage. Even a godless nun made an appearance, defying her church and God to stand with a political party and against the sanctity of innocent life.

There was literally nothing for moderates, independents, or libertarians in tonight’s opening acts, and that never wavered throughout the evening.

The “prime time” slots saw abortion advocate Sandra Fluke give another war cry for infanticide, before she turned the stage over to Elizabeth Warren, the fake Cherokee academic and Senate candidate, who recited every angry cliche a graduate student has ever heard from a liquored-up college professor about the Republican “other.” After Warren’s tirade, the always dynamic Bill Clinton came out and electrified the crowd as only the charismatic Clinton can.

It had been a long while since I’d seen the former President in his element, and he worked the crowd masterfully, if not honestly. Unfortunately for those in the audience and those of us trying to pay attention at home, Clinton’s favorite topic is still Bill Clinton, and he made the night as much about him as the nomination of Barack Obama, in an address that was at least a half-hour too long. By halfway through the speech, the enthusiastic responses had waned, and Clinton was getting the looks normally reserved for an aged but infirm elder, or Joe Biden.

When Clinton finally concluded his address and President Obama walked out on stage, Clinton’s presence so dominated Obama’s that the man who is presently the most powerful man in the world seemed small and unworthy. It was horrible optics to end a horrific night.

If there is anything that Democrats can take away from tonight’s train wreck, it is the near-certainty that tomorrow’s closing event cannot possibly be worse.

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  1. Neo says:

    I’ve been struck at the level of discord at the DNC.
    The Jerusalem issue could cost them Michigan if Muslim Democrats stay home. The again, I have no idea how Muslims square the gay rights planks of the Democratic platform with Shria Law .. or is it just taqiyya ?

    I expected more discord from the RNC, but Team Romney is the one who has all it’s ducks in a row this election season.

  2. Tarheel Repub says:

    Oh, tonight can be a lot worse. Biden is speaking and Obama’s TOTUS could break.

  3. Windy Wilson says:

    I cannot understand how any mother can fail to understand the dilemma posed by the Democrats’ abortion position.
    And hasn’t it been revealed that Elizabeth Warren is really a member of the Hekawi tribe? Her and Crazy Cat, Wild Eagle, Roaring Chicken, Smokey Bear and, of course, the adopted members, Sergeant O’Rourke and Corporal Agarn?