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The primary reason for civilians to own military-grade weaponry

Written By: Bob - Sep• 23•12

Regular German soldiers—not SS—pose over the bodies of murdered civilians.

The primary reason for the Second Amendment has never been hunting, or “sporting purposes,” or self-defense against criminals. It was written to ensure that the militia in our Republic—essentially everyone of age, shape, and rudimentary mental faculties—would never be denied the use of military-grade arms for the defense of their communities.

Against whom? Marauding savages. Foreign armies. Domestic despots. Tyrannical government.

Why should civilians own military-grade weapons and be proficient in their use? To make sure the various governments of the United States (federal, state, or local) face the credible threat of lethal force from the civilian population, so that there will cannot be the wholesale slaughter of innocents by the government on these shores.

This need didn’t end in 1781 when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, or in 1865 when Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox, or in 1946 when the McMinn County Sheriff’s Department surrendered in Athens, Tennessee.

As long as men dream of lording over other men, civilians must have military-grade small arms.

Never again must truly mean “never again,” and the Second Amendment provides that protection.

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  1. judgebean says:

    Well put, when I try to tell this to people, the looks I get, You must be crazy. We are the Free World. Good article.

  2. garfish says:

    Amen. Good to hear someone else say this.

  3. Joe Doakes says:

    Miller lost his famous 1934 case against the Unites States because he didn’t prove a short-barreled shotgun had a military application, which was what the Court found the Second Amendedment protected. Liberals forget that.

    • markm says:

      Joe, the Supreme Court promptly forgot that too – the Miller case was decided in 1937, and just two years later the newspapers were full of battles won by submachine guns. Ten years later, the AK47 went into production, not only as the issue weapon for several of the world’s largest regular armies, but also the perfect weapon for a militia that’s not well trained in riflery. (An American militia would do much better with a good semi-auto rifle, but we have many people who’ve fired thousands of rounds at a range.) But never a hint that the judiciary might consider reversing the NFA in regards to these automatic weapons.