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The “stench” of incompetent propagandists

Written By: Bob - Sep• 26•12

These are PROFESSIONALS. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Politico politico Roger Simon failed miserably earlier today with his “Stench” satire, which was inept and frankly never should have been posted. It was just… bad.

The only real amusement that fell out of the debacle were the gaggle of honking propagandists that fell over one another to repeat the “story” that Paul Ryan had given Romney a silly nickname and stopped taking his calls, and had gone rogue, which for Ryan, was subjecting audiences at campaign stops to PowerPoint displays.

Now, Simon’s line about PowerPoint being developed “by Microsoft in 1990 as a way to euthanize cattle using a method less cruel than hitting them over the head with iron mallets” was actually (mildly) amusing. More importantly, it was a very obvious indicator this wasn’t a straight news story.

Then again, the hacks that feel for this are same people that think we’ve been in an economic “recovery” for four years, so perhaps recognizing satire is simply beyond them.

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