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War Horses

Written By: Bob - Sep• 15•12

If only we could get better looking with age…

I took a drive to visit some friends shooting a WWII service rifle match at the RWVA home range in Ramsuer this morning.

Racked above are a M1 Garand, M1917 “Enfield,” a 1903-A3 Smith-Corona, another Garand, and a German 98k. ¬†Oddly enough the 98K was the only non-U.S. firearm at the shoot, which is surprising considering the ¬†cost of Mosin-Nagant rifles and surplus 7.62x54R ammunition.

In the distance, shooters are checking their targets on the 300-yard line. The rifle on the firing line in the foreground is a fine example of a M1917 “Enfield.” Note the chamber flag. Safety first!

At 300 yards, people look like specks. At 500 yards (very end of the range against the trees) you can only see people if they are moving, unless you have a scope.

World War Two-era U.S. issue helmet worn by one of the shooters during the match for authenticity.

While not required for the match, several shooters brought period equipment.

M1 Garand cartridge belt and bayonet, along with a U.S. Helmet and M1911 pistol.

I took a few pictures of the individual rifles on the firing line, and I’ll post those later.

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  1. 1903A3 says:

    I have a 1942 Remington 1903A3 I call the”Mule” because it kicks like one.But it is one sweet shootin piece of hardware.2″ shot group@200yds w/open sight.