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A math question for Ryan tonight

Written By: Bob - Oct• 11•12

It would warm my heart if Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan would ask sitting Vice President Joe Biden the one question all of us want to know about this Administration:

“Mr Biden, just this morning the security chief for the U.S. Embassy is Yemen was murdered by a masked man on a motorcycle, who simply rode away afterward.

“There were four Americans murdered in Benghazi, and the Obama’s Administration response has been to circle the wagons and deny not just responsibility for what happened, but to deny the reality of what happened.

“There have been more than 302 deaths as a result of Operation Fast and Furious, including two federal agents, and no one in your Administration has been has been terminated, nor faces criminal charges.

“How many people do you have to get killed in this Administration to get fired?

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One Comment

  1. P.E.I. says:

    Math questions are a target-rich environment. Your suggested question tops the list. Death by government incompetency trumps fiscal mismanagement all day long.

    Other potential questions:

    How much was spent to provide Chevy Volts for the Vienna consulate as compared to the savings on decreased/no security in Benghazi?

    What is the sum of $10 trillion and $6 trillion?

    Does $90 billion for “green energy” equal $4 billion (or less) for allowed expenses and depreciation for “Big Oil”?

    Inquiring minds …