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Accountability under Obama: First Fast and Furious firing is ATF whisteblower

Written By: Bob - Oct• 12•12

While several DOJ officials have resigned because of Fast and Furious, others were inexplicably promoted… perhaps because of how much they know. Eric Holder’s DOJ just fired ATF whistleblower Vince Cefalu in retaliation for his efforts to bring the gun-running plot to light.

If this doesn’t sicken you, you aren’t paying attention:

A well-known whistle-blower in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed to that he was fired this week, and he claims his complaints about Operation Fast and Furious played a role in his dismissal.

Vince Cefalu said he was served his termination papers Tuesday in a Denny’s parking lot in South Lake Tahoe, Calif.┬áBut he doesn’t plan to go quietly.

“It will be challenged,” he said.

Cefalu is a good cop who fought for years to clean up a dirty agency that all too often seems to view the law as an impediment. He might have been kept in backwater assignments for punishment in his efforts to clean up ATF, but he embarrassed the Obama Administration and was therefore terminated… and in a Denny’s parking lot at that.

Sadly, I fear a similar fate will befall the other ATF whistleblowers that stepped forward to tell the truth about the deadliest plot in U.S. Presidential history.

The body count from this gun-walking plot is in the hundreds, and will continue to rise for years to come. No Obama Administration official has faced any sanctions, not so much as a slap on the wrist, and no criminal charges have been filed, because Eric Holder and Barack Obama refuse to allow a criminal investigation into their felony violations of the Arms Export Control Act, the Kingpin Act, RICO, and other charges that would make Barack Obama the first U.S. President to live out his retirement in a federal prison.

I can only hope that President Romney will appoint a special prosecutor, but I fully expect Obama’s last spiteful act as he’s kicked out of office is to preemptively pardon those who would implicate him.

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  1. captainfish says:

    All I can say is, I am very prayerful that he only got fired, based on the habits of this administration.

  2. georg felis says:

    Doubtful, and this does tie back to the Libby case. In order to accept a pardon, the recipient has to admit they committed the crime. This was the reason Libby had his sentence commuted instead of being granted a pardon, he had *not* committed a crime (in his and my opinion), he was sentenced because his sworn testimony differed from other’s sworn testimony. Holder and Co cannot have their sentences commuted (because they have not been convicted), and will not accept a pardon because that means they would have to admit to what they did.

    Right now the shredders are running red-hot at the ATF as political appointees prepare for their departure. Hopefully there is at least one data retention specialist in the agency who has archives of the correspondence and is awaiting a real non-whitewashed investigation.

    In all odds, Cefalu will file his case after the election, and the Romney administration will settle out of court for a nice chunk of change (which is too bad they can’t take it out of the retirement funds of the (censored) who fired him in the first place).