Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

After another strong Romeny debate, the terrorist left ups their assassination threats

Written By: Bob - Oct• 17•12

The polimedia does little to discourage the violent left, and in many cases, encourages it.

The same polimedia that manufactured non-existent threats against Obama in 2008 is now blatantly ignoring a crescendo of radical Islamists, welfare queens, food stamp addicts, and drug abusers that have clogged Twitter with overt threats to murder Mitt Romney if he wins the Presidency. After a strong performance last night that saw many undecided voters determine that they would vote for Mitt Romney instead of staying home, the threats increased dramatically (warning: infowars link, but remarkably sane).

This promise of violence if Leftists don’t get what they want presages the all-too literal battle ahead as the entitlement slave culture the Democrats have created finally runs out of money.

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