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Aimin’, gangsta style

Written By: Bob - Oct• 05•12

Authentic gangstas, just like those I’ve seen in the hood.

The well known firearms experts at the U.K. Daily Mail have found a U.S. Marine to explain the brilliance of the gun-held-sideways shooting technique.

I was very impressed with the explanation offered by Jon Davis justifying the technique, and thought I’d make some recommendations of my own for true gangstas only. If you are not a true gangsta, do not try these techniques.

I concur with Mr. Davis in that I want as many gangstas as possible to adopt this sight-free shooting style in most circumstances, especially when confronting someone you are trying to rob, police officers, or armed citizens. I would also suggest that gangstas may want to attempt this technique with one or both thumbs braced across the rear of the slide to see if that feels more natural to them.

Of course, these techniques are only to be used when gangstas don’t have the time to use the preferred “street-mod” alignment model of putting their cheek against the rear of the slide and using the sights much as riflemen do on a rifle stock to establish a cheekweld for repeatable accuracy. This is great for drive-bys and taking out opposing gangstas.

I will caution that this technique is only for advanced gangstas as it make take 400-500 rounds of practice to become comfortable with this method, and some may find the experience jarring.

Happy hunting, playas.

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One Comment

  1. styrgwillidar says:

    Well, since most of the time ganstas are trying to kill other gangstas, I prefer they aim. It increases the chances they’ll take out the other gangsta vice gunning down some innocent bystander, or a kid in the background.