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Chasing the Ghost of Lancaster

Written By: Bob - Oct• 16•12

I had previously called him the “Romney racist” on Twitter for a lack of a better name, but the more I attempt to learn about him, the more I think a better name is more apt.

Meet the “Ghost of Lancaster.”

The ghost of Lancaster. Conservative racist? Liberal Plant? The world would like to know.

Andrew Kaczynski of Obama gossip blog Buzzfeed has refused to address multiple questions I raised about this photo that he posted to Twitter. Ohio photographer Jamie Sabau—normally a sports photographer—is the source of the photo, but he refuses to return my call, hung up on the one guy who did get through to him, and has apparently started attempting to erase his digital paper trail. Suspicious behavior to say the least.

What I find even more miraculous is that with dozens of press photographers, and hundreds, if not thousands of cell phones in the audience of more than 8,000 at that rally, no one got another photo of this man, and I’ve only heard one third-hand account where someone on Facebook thinks she may have seen him.

So which is it?

Did the Ghost of Lancaster walk through a crowd of thousands of people with a very offensive tee shirt on, and no one saw him, took pictures of him, or had him escorted away?

Or is it more likely that like most people at this rally, he was wearing a jacket, took his jacket off just long enough for a photo op, and disappeared back into the crowd, “mission accomplished?”

I really wish Jamie Sabau would return my call.

I’d like to ask him how he, and he alone, managed to get a photo of this man in an offensive shirt.

I’d like to ask him whether the man got his attention and took off a covering garment as I suspect.

I’d like to ask Jamie Sabau if the man just as quickly covered up an left.

And I’d like to ask anyone in attendance if the bald man in this photo mingled with the pathetic showing of Big Bird-touting Progress Ohio protestors outside the rally.

A man in a Big Bird costume protests with Larry Blair, center left, Luciano Tavares, center right, and other protesters before Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney spoke during Romney’s visit to Lancaster Friday evening, Oct. 12, 2012, in downtown Lancaster. (Jess Lanning Eagle-Gazette)

One would think that the media would jump at the chance to interview a “Romney racist” and get him on camera from every angle.

The Ghost of Lancaster eluded them all.

I wonder if union dues have the power to make someone transparent?

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