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Defrocked child-molesting priest gets new job with TSA

Written By: Bob - Oct• 02•12

Former priest Thomas Harkins celebrates the separation of church and state.

They have to be making this up. This is simply too insane to be real:

First he was fired for allegedly groping young girls, then hired to frisk them at an airport.

A disgraced former priest, defrocked from his New Jersey diocese over allegations of molestation in 2002, was three months later given a job as a TSA officer, it has been revealed.

Thomas Harkins was employed in a role where his duties would include doing pat downs on children, according to local news, after the agency failed to do a thorough background check and offered him a position at Philadelphia International Airport.

He’s been professionally molesting passengers—including children—for the TSA in Pedodelphia since 2003.

Enjoy your flight.

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