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Discovery Channel finds more embarrassing militia types for “Militia Rising”

Written By: Bob - Oct• 24•12

Why, oh why, do people agree to going on these agenda-driven crockumentaries?

Discovery found a trio of militias clinking to the “Watchmen” moniker and gave them the opportunity to mock themselves, much as National Geographic has done with Doomsday Preppers.

Fat guys in camo with guns, discount web gear, and no clue what they’re doing.

Yeah… it’s bad.

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  1. Melensdad says:

    I caught about 15 minutes of it while channel surfing. Being native to Indiana I was ashamed to see the tub-o-lards huffing and puffing their way through the Hoosier forests claiming to be some sort of protectors of me and my state. Nice stereotype to give to the anti-gunners. A bunch of fat crazies in camo flashing guns in the state parks.

  2. ScottM says:

    I lost count of how many times the camera guy was muzzled flashed by a fat guy carrying a loaded weapon. It was an embarrassment to watch.

  3. rumcrook says:

    I was surprised they make camo that big, I’m not making fun of any ones wieght just stating a fact some of those guys were alarmingly morbidly obese.

    I’m gonna say the first rule of chasing Mexicans on the border is don’t wiegh more than four Mexicans put together. If you start to Chase someone and get winded after just 20 feet its time to reevaluate your lifestyle and meal plan choices.

  4. Robert Zaleski says:

    It’s funny because the other Gun shows on Discovery tend to be pretty pro-gun. 1 out of 5 flopping isn’t too bad is it?

    • Steven says:

      Yea that’s true, but the meme of :

      “Militias are a bunch of mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, stay-puff marshmellow man looking Jethros”

      That’s what bothers me.

      It may or may not be true in THOSE cases, but, no balance.

      God forbid the idea of citizens, banding together for a good cause, following a strict set of self-imposed guidelines, and who are respected by their neighbors …. we can’t have that idea take hold ….

  5. Steve Skubinna says:

    They missed a bet. Should have called the show “Among the Bitter Clingers.”

  6. The Old Man says:

    Could be a “maskirova” by prepper operatives for psyops…