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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

A President so small: Obama curses at Romney

Written By: Bob - Oct• 25•12

If he weren’t so arrogant, I could almost bring myself to be sorry for Barack Obama. He’s never had to earn anything in his life, never had a real job, and managed to talk his way into the White House, still assuming he’d have to do nothing (and with 105 known rounds of golf under his belt, he may have been right).

But when he’s reduced to cursing at Mitt Romney because voters are tired of his song and dance routine, I can find little for him in my heart except contempt. There have been shorter men who have been President, but there have been precious few that were smaller than Barack Obama in terms of character and dignity.

Big Bird. Binders. Bayonets. Bullsh*t.

I think there is one more “B” word we have for him.


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  1. Nicole says:

    This post is so incredibly false on numerous accounts.

    The reason you lack sympathy isn’t because he cursed Romney (which is blatantly false, show a source before you go on making ridiculous statements), it’s because you don’t like him. Be honest with yourself first, before you decide to look like a fool on the Internet.

    The fact that you’re demeaning a man who worked for a degree from not only Columbia, but also Harvard Law, is absurd. Do you not understand the disciple, dedication, an intelligence it takes to not only get into those schools, but succeeded in such a manner that he had the ability to teach students as well?

    By the way, you’re completely belittling the efforts of all professors and every organizer who intends to give back to their community by stating they aren’t “real jobs.”

    People like you, who are completely ignorant and close-minded, are exactly what’s wrong with America. Do some research, pick up a goddamn book, and learn about what you wish. There is zero legitimacy and credibility in every single one of your statements in this post.

  2. George Hasik says:

    Nicole, from your posted comment I surmise, either deductively or inductively, the following:
    • You are an Obama supporter.
    • You are (or were recently) a college student
    • You value and believe in education.
    • You value your instructors and professors
    • You are involved politically and are trying to add your two cents to the political fray.
    .Bravo! You are seeking to expand your intellect and your knowledge base. I can appreciate it and I wish you all success. But a few words of advice:
    Work on you communications skills, both oral and written. When you present a public argument, as you have against Mr. Owens assertion that President Obama has diminished himself by referring to his opponent as a “bullshi**er” in an interview with a popular magazine, it will be most helpful to your cause if you do not employ the hashed up grammar and syntax that you have employed above. If your writing is not clear and concise, readers will by and large ignore your ideas as being the product of a disorganized mind.
    Do not employ the ad hominum attack as a method of argument. Calling your opponent a fool and calling them ignorant does not win your argument. Solid reasoning and logical argument will. Mr. Owens has put his bona fides right on his web pages. (Those blue letters are links). If you can beat his educational and work record put them up with your comment.
    An accurate assessment and understanding of your opponent’s position is also necessary. Do not assert that he has not provided a source for his contentions, when he has. See that “except contempt” in Mr. Owen’s post and the manner in which it is colored blue? On the internet that is often a link to a source as it is here and Mr. shows who quoted President Obama’s BSER line.
    It doesn’t serve your ends to suggest that someone is less learned than yourself
    Learn to be skeptical of the prescriptions offered by your professors. They are not giving you the final word. Don’t assume the existence of a final word. Be open to new ideas, new methods of evaluating the information available to you. Be skeptical of your neighborhood community organizer too.
    .You are perfectly fine disagreeing with Mr. Owen. Just learn to do it right.