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Expect “fake, but accurate” and defensive moderation from Scheiffer tonight

Written By: Bob - Oct• 22•12

Michelle Malkin has gone nuclear on the selection of aged CBS Beltway liberal Dan Rather Bob Schieffer to moderate the third and final 2012 Presidential debate, and with damn good reason.

These are the “foreign policy” debate topics, and Schieffer’s list is woefully thin:

  • America’s role in the world
  • Our longest war – Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Red Lines – Israel and Iran
  • The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – I
  • The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – II
  • The Rise of China and Tomorrow’s World

Unless Schieffer is especially geographically challenged, Egypt, Libya, and the other “Arab spring” countries in North Africa that have exposed the failure of the Obama administration have no place in this debate.

Schieffer will likely attempt to play defense for a failed Administration response in Benghazi that left the U.S. Ambassador to Libya dead after the Administration refused to provide aide or interdiction during the seven-hour assault, even though they had a drone overhead. He’ll never bring up the fact that Obama went to sleep to prepare to campaign in Las Vegas and Denver instead of staying up to find a way to save American lives.

Schieffer will likely attempt to divert attention away from how Obama’s policies allowed a nuclear weapon-craving Islamist government more brutal that the previous regime to take control of Egypt.

Quite assuredly, Schieffer will not allow one word about how Obama’s Operation Fast and Furious violated the Arms Export Control Act, significantly damaged our foreign relations with Mexico, and which may have exposed the United States to criminal sanctions in the International Criminal Court for the armed support of narco-terrorism.

Bob Schieffer isn’t on that stage tonight to moderate a debate. He’s there as Obama’s goalie, attempting to kick-save as Romney scores points on Obama’s feckless, cowardly, Islamist supporting foreign policy.

Once again, Mitt Romney will face a 2-on-1 debate where Obama will attempt to hide behind the moderator’s skirt. If Mitt comes out as aggressively as he did during the first debate, which used an identical format, it should be one heck of a handicap match.

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  1. louielouie says:

    what i really want to know is, which/who is better looking, candy crowley or bob schieffer?