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Forward Unto Dawn: Parts 1 and 2

Written By: Bob - Oct• 12•12

I’ve mentioned before that I’m very interested in the Halo video game universe, both in the single-player campaign mode that pits you against the programmer’s mind, and the multi-player experience that sees me routinely slaughtered by 10-year-old Mexican kids.

I don’t know how I missed it until now, but the studio behind Halo 4 is putting some coin into a live-action web series called Forward Unto Dawn, following a group of cadets at a UNSC military academy as they prepare for war. They’ve got at least on face you’ll probably be surprised to recognize from a recent blockbuster movie franchise.


Forward Unto Dawn, Part I (19:50)

Forward Unto Dawn, Part II (16:43)

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  1. captainfish says:

    The individual shorts are great too in lead-ups to the first show.

    These are top quality and the story is unique and compelling. It uses known actors and actresses too.

  2. Steve Skubinna says:

    Actually, you’re probably getting kicked by 10 year old South Korean kids. Those guys are some bad mofos. They even have professional videogame players there, who get the whole rock star treatment.

    • Bob says:

      Unless the Korean kids have learned rapid-fire Latin American Spanish, I’m pretty sure it’s the MX kids kicking my butt. I don’t stay up late enough for the KR kids to massacre me. :-)

  3. John Jacobs says:

    Try Red Dead Redemption multiplayer Bob, basically the same children slaughtering you but in the context of the old west circa 1911. Fascinating!