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Holder part of armed racist group BEFORE joining Department of Justice

Written By: Bob - Oct• 02•12

Long before he ran a Department of Justice accused of arming multiple drug cartels and ignoring black crimes, Eric Holder was a armed thug himself.

The psychopathic behavior of the bloodiest Attorney General in American history began long ago, when he was part of an armed mob that took over and occupied a campus building in support of the Black Panthers and Malcolm X.

Attorney General Eric Holder may have been armed when he and some fellow Columbia University students occupied an abandoned school office and demanded that it be rededicated to Malcolm X.

In their statement, the SAAS leaders also decried “this racist university campus” — in particular its alleged “involvement in the continued political harassment of the Black Panther Party” — along with what they called a “lack of concern for Black people whether they be students or workers” and a “general contempt towards the beliefs of Black students in particular and Black people in general.”

“Black students recognize the necessity of not letting the university set a dangerous precedent in its dealings with Black people,” the statement read in part, “that is letting white people direct the action and forces that affect Black people toward goals they (white people) feel are correct.”

Shockingly, Holder’s spokeswitch at the DOJ refuses to answer questions this earlier allegation of Holder’s illegal weapon-smuggling.

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  1. Mullah Bob says:

    Hmmm…now lemmee see. He looks like Lionel from All in the Family. Has anyone checked to see if he was “a ‘lectrical engineer” at one time?

  2. captainfish says:

    Once again shows you, that if you violate laws and commit violence, primarily with weapons, you can get your way.