Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

How bad was Romney’s beat-down of Obama tonight?

Written By: Bob - Oct• 03•12

Barack Obama, after his first head-to-head debate against Mitt Romney.

This bad.

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  1. william D stratton says:

    BO got beat bad tonight–you don’t send a boy to do a Mans job..

    • Scott says:

      Well said William. Hopefully this will open up the eyes of all BO’s supporters. He really doesn’t want to be President anymore.

  2. Dusty says:

    Good show! I loved this one and got a great belly laugh from it> I hope Clint sees it!

  3. Melensdad says:

    Bob, sorry to say it but your assessment is wrong. The beat down is far worse than you suggest. I can still recognize that pile of kindling as a former chair. What Romney did tonight was to obliterate the empty chair into unrecognizable kindling.

  4. Laugher says:

    See that pile o’ sawdust over yonder? That’s what happened to the chair. That’s how bad the beatdown was.

  5. Born Free says:

    A broken potty-training chair would have been more appropriate.

  6. Steve in TN (@sdo1) says:

    And Ryan vs. Biden is yet to come…

    • Petra Smith says:

      That should be an easy one for Ryan because Biden is as stupid as it gets

    • Barbara Shell says:

      I think it should be a Pay Per View special. I’d pay good money to see it.

    • TJ says:

      Crap, that’s gonna be so embarrassing. I bet they never mention it on MSNBC. Even Al Sharpton is shakin’ his head thinking about that one.

  7. Big Country says:

    OMG, the Biden-Ryan debate? Look for a ‘false flag’ of some sort… ANYTHING… “Biden got the gout”…”Biden got a painful hangnail.” ANYTHING to keep that from happening… the funniest part was I had to run to the store midway through (ran out of beer and needed a reload) and while in the car, listening to it on AM Talk, the beatdown was even WORSE if you can believe it… Romney came across as articulate and on target, whereas Obama was just stumbling and using hackneyed anecdotes about his dead Grandmother… sort of a reversal of the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debate, where Nixon looked like ass, and Kennedy came across smooth… as I recall, when the pollsters took a read, the ones who HEARD the debate on the radio said NIXON had won, whereas the ones who had SEEN it said Kennedy had won… interesting parallel there…. either way, Obama got beaten like a rented mule w/out the TOTUS there….

  8. mark l. says:

    couldn’t have looked worse had mitt showed up with a wife beater t-shirt, and a pillowcase full of oranges and obama comes out in his ‘mom jeans’.

    I kept waiting for some lib to pull the fire alarm in desperation to end it.

    • TJ says:

      Cute, I hear Chris Matthews is under suicide watch. He was outside in the wind, bug-eyed and foaming at the mouth.

  9. Kyle says:

    That’s the Romney who America’s going to choose in November. That’s the Romney who is going to lead America.

  10. A.Men says:

    obama looked jaundiced — looking for his next fix (of illegal drugs).

    Romney Won.

    Romney/Ryan 2012.

  11. Neo says:

    Obama ought to know by now, but I bet he doesn’t, that “I killed Bin Laden” … is becoming the political equivalent of … “mine goes to ’11′”

  12. Jennifer says:

    The more I ponder last night’s debate, the more I lean towards believing that the dejected, “whoa is me” Obama we saw is all part of his plan. We know he plays a great victim and that a majority of his base responds well to that play. It will be interesting to see which Obama shows up at the next debate.

  13. Marvin says:

    I would like the thank the MSM for their excellent work in preparing Obama for the debate. The MSM’s intensive questioning of the President really prepped him. …..

  14. dave says:

    I am going to offer an opinion looking from the outside in. First off, I am a Canadian, live in Canada. Love my Country. I like to observe what goes on south of the border as we are all the same people, with a slight difference in opinion on some topics.
    One thing I believe we can agree on though is the well being of our countries.
    Here is what I see… I see that neither Obama or Romney have a lot to offer. Obama came to power at a time in history where the world economy was crumbling as a result of banking gone wrong in the USA. Everyone was looking for a savior when there was no salvation to be had. To his credit, I believe he did what he had the power to do.
    Everyone will always want more, but there was nothing more to be had so it was easy to start a negative spin on Obama.
    I don’t believe Obama is a strong financial leader, but I do believe he does love his job and his people. That is admirable to me. Ultimately the Obama government will turn the economy around, but it will be a slow process.
    Romney on the other hand has a lot of experience in financials. He is a very successful individual and has benefited by exploiting the American system. I have confidence that he would do an ok job with restoring the economy, but he can’t produce a miracle. Its a time game and it will take years to restore. There are no quick fixes unfortunately.
    I see a real disconnect with Romney and the common man. He seems void of sympathy and I can’t see that he has given any indication that he is concerned for the american people at large.
    For the first time in my adult life, I am concerned for my american friends. I know this is a pro Romney site and I won’t change your opinion. I do respect your opinion though as I hope you do mine.
    I see Romney doing less good than Obama if elected. Once the sparkle and shine is gone, Romney likely will make things worse in a lot of ways than better.
    You know what you have with Obama. May not be perfect, but he is clawing back and fighting to restore what was lost. I don’t see arrogance in Barrack, but its very apparent in Mitt.
    I hope Mitt isn’t in this for his personal gain.
    Anyhow, however your election goes, I wish the best for the American people. You have a great society. Be proud and be smart. Strip away the colours of the election, take the faces of the parties away and look just at facts. don’t believe hype. focus on the real truths.

    • MJA says:

      I’m Australian. Like everyone in the Free World, including Canada, we need a strong and confident America. Not the one we have now. Not the one where the American president dumps on hard working people and steals from them to give to anyone who’ll support him, with no regard for the amazing entity that is America, or it’s importance to every individual on this planet who yearns for liberty and the chance to improve his lot in life, free from State interference.
      Your wishy washy defence of the incompetent is a guarantee of failure of ‘the last best hope of mankind’.
      Pull your head in.

    • Danbk says:

      Hi my Canadian friend! I have family in Canada too, and what’s funny is they are just like u: they cannot understand some things. And u said something that upsets me greatly: that is, that Obama loves the American people! My a.s!! No, never! Imagine that we was mentored, raised with and BY extremists Muslims, and that he formally dumped them ONLY in 2008!! What crazy world are u living in, my Canadian friend?? Where is your mind?? I don’t care who is the next president, as long as we have an American, not a Muslim!! YOU are disconnected with the world, not Romney! Peace

  15. @dave

    The reason you see Romney as “void of sympathy” is because you are observing the haughty, disconnected caricature of Romney that the liberal media likes to paint. The real Romney is a patriot, a family man, a guy with common sense and a head for getting it done.

    Obama tried to do some damage control this morning by claiming that the man on stage was “not the real Romney.” On the contrary, Mr. Osama: that *was* the real Romney. You’ve been campaigning against the liberal media’s caricature, but now you’ve met the real man. You’d better pack your bags and buy five plane tickets back to Kenya because your reign of terror is just about over.

    • September Hoff says:

      Mitt is the very best choice, he certainly can’t do worse then what we have seen these past 3 yrs. I’m sure he won’t take trillions of dollars that this country doesn’t have and do what with. No one seems to know where it went or to know what it did for this country.
      Why did Obama let so many thousands of illegals come into this country with a free pass with all kinds of benefits, when so many Americans that have lived and worked all there lives and have been blessed to still be working at age70 and older now looking at maybe retiring,the money each of us put into social security may not be there. What kind of leader does this country really want. One who loves America and loves what we stand for or one who wants to tear down everything America stands for? I for one stand for Mitt for I believe he can not do any worse then what we have seen these past 3yrs. If Obama didn’t have the unions and Miss O and the filthy rich oil co. Throwing all the money to him (Obama ) his way he and the fact that he is chocolate skinned no chance would he have had. This country needs to wake up and smell the roses it’s heading to hell, the water is getting Very warm and getting warmer every day. Obama spoke 3yrs ago of change, pocket change? and we all got lots of change in our pockets. We need a REAL LEADER and Mitt is that Leader, weather you believe it or not. All presidents past and present have some things some are not happy about but never in history have we had a president who hates Americans and has an agenda to make America fail. People do your do diligence and vote smart!!!

  16. This is easy…when the pawn media actually gets out of the way…the arrogant apostles of utopian socialism struggle to explain the naturally toxic results from socialist policies (aka personal pain…which loses elections every time…so I posted July 29, 2011 OzBama would lose…based upon history/personal pain trumping bold daily lies).

    It only requires any challenger have some data and a spine.