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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

In which Pat Caddell scares the crap out me

Written By: Bob - Oct• 01•12

Pat Caddell is a Democratic pollster, and one of the few living Democrats I feel that I can trust. Caddell makes his political preferences honest and open, and he has exceptional integrity. He just gave a speech called the Audacity of Corruption.

I’m going to ask you to read the full speech, because you need to read it.

You often hear complaints that the mainstream media is in bed with the Democratic Party, but most simply don’t grasp how bad this incestuous relationship has gotten since 1980, when the media decided to drop all attempts at even feigning integrity.

Today, they simply refuse to report news that is detrimental to their Party. It’s extraordinary political censorship in direct support of politics.

One day, they’re going to get us all killed.

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  1. Dusty says:

    I watched the entire speech and the body language which went with the words told how serious Pat felt about this issue. It is one where we could see the end of this republic! If we get through this election I am sure the MSM will lose more viewers and will cease to be a force and possibly just dry up and go away.

  2. Steven says:

    Ok – took the time to read the entire thing.

    He raises some very good points – especially how the press is aiding and abetting their own demise and the demise of the 1st Amendment because of their bias.

    One day a person comes along promising to clean up journalism, and maybe he/she’s a good person, but then the precedent is set: limits on the 1st Amendment and the press.

    I see young people today on many social media sites and blogs who want [this] freebie, or [that] banned / silenced – and they DO.NOT.GET.IT.

    Once you set that precedent, in law, then it allows for “creative prosecution” and elasticity of said precedent or law to become distorted way way way beyond it’s original intent (or according to it’s original intent).

    Good find Bob.

  3. Paul Kanesky says:

    You may be wrong when you say “they may end up getting all of us killed”
    The MSM has already lost all credibility in the eyes of thinking americans.
    I also think there is a strong possibility that their tactics in supporting socialist views (democratic party)
    and selectively reporting what they decide we should (and more importantly what we should not) hear may cause a backlash in which THEY are the targets. Some groups may target the news anchors for the publicity gained, and most media programming may have a problem fding people to take a job where they will be the face of the news. Sooooo—
    One day they may get themselves killed
    Paul in Texas