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Media finally reporting on third ATF gun-walking operation

Written By: Bob - Oct• 08•12

Sure, they only bring it up in hopes of diffusing public outrage after Univision made it an issue, but even getting the polimedia to admit there were another ATF gun-walking plots is a start:

A sensational election-season report into the botched Operation Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation has cast new light on a simultaneous Florida firearms investigation linked to violence in Colombia, Honduras and Puerto Rico.

Called Operation Castaway, the Florida case has received far less attention than Fast and Furious. The latter became an embarrassing distraction for Obama’s administration when it was implicated in the death of a federal agent and Mexico massacres, according to federal documents and a new cross-border investigative report by the Spanish-language network Univision.

Two Justice Department officials resigned and a dozen more face possible disciplinary action after the September release of a scathing 512-page Inspector General’s report that detailed the “seriously flawed” Fast and Furious case in which Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents allowed AK 47-style firearms and other weapons to cross the border into Mexico.

The report never mentions the lesser-known Operation Castaway, and federal agents have pointed out numerous substantive differences with Fast and Furious.

The polimedia acts as if a couple of officials resigning—to take jobs with Obama Administration friends, one can be sure—is an adequate response to 302+ murders known to have been committed with walked guns, or to the illegal smuggling of thousands of weapons, each one an Obama Administration felony violation of the Arms Export Control Act, Kingpin Act, and RICO statutes.

Expect for their to be no criminal investigation under this President who has blocked White House officials involved in the plot from talking to investigators. A Romney victory offers a slight chance of criminal prosecution, but only if Obama isn’t able to issue the hundreds of pardons one suspects he had stacked up to silence those who could put him in prison.

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  1. Basilisk says:

    If Obama issues pardons, then there will be no fifth amendment privilege claim that can be made to protect these potential witnesses from testifying to Congress or in any judicial proceeding. Instead, they will be at risk from charges for contempt of congress, contempt of court, obstruction of justice, none of which can be pardoned before the conduct occurs.