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Written By: Bob - Oct• 14•12

Liberal plant in front of photographer’s stand at Romney event.

So the Obamablog Buzzfeed ran this photo, claiming that the man is a Mitt Romney supporter.


Let’s look at the facts.

It was cold during the Romney/Ryan event in Lancaster, Ohio, cold enough that Romney, Ryan, and everyone in the crowd or on the stage were wearing significantly heavy outerwear.

Baby, it’s cold outside.

According to the National Weather Service, the temperature recorded in nearby Columbus never got past 60° Friday, was down at freezing (32°F) at one point, and averaged 46°F for the day, 11°F colder than the historical average.

This guy did not walk into this rally wearing this uncovered shirt.

What really happened?

The man wore a coat like everyone else at the rally with the offensive message hidden underneath. He sought out the photographer’s riser at the event, stood in front of it, and dropped his coat in hopes of picking up the attention of the press. One photographer managed to snap one photo of the man before he was noticed, security was flagged, and he was thrown out the event.

You’ll notice that there were no other photos. You’ll notice they took no photos of the man’s face, where he could be identified as the probable Democratic operative that he is.

We saw similar racist false flag events during the McCain campaign and at Tea Party events, so we can’t even give him credit for originality.

We know Buzzfeed attempted to imply Romney was a racist just this week for riding in a car that drove past a house with a Confederate flag, so there is no surprise that they failed to do any due diligence about this incident at all.

I would love to track down Ohio photographer Jamie Sabau, who snapped this picture, to find out the details of what happened in the seconds before and after this picture was taken and put him on the record.

Rather obviously, they’re making sure not to tell the truth.

That would be… inconvenient.

Update: The only place online I’ve been able to find a shirt with this sentiment is a left-wing anti-Palin Zazzle shop.

Further Update from a photographer/reader:

“Dear Mr Owens.

I just got off the phone with Jamie Sabau XXX-XXX-XXXX [phone number redacted — ed.], the photographer who snapped the skinhead guy at the Romney rally who was wearing the racist T-shirt with the Romney sticker applied. I let him know that many conservatives & libertarians are feeling smeared by this photo & we’d like to know the larger context, which he obviously saw. He said “I don’t make anything up”. When I pressed him he punted & referred me to Getty Images & hung up.

Another anonymous uncredited volunteer for the Barack Obama campaign?”

Final Update: I called Jamie Sabua, ID’d myself as a reporter on his voicemail, left my number, and asked him to call me to discuss the events and circumstances of the photo. If he returns my call, I will update with a new post.

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  1. Jane K. says:

    Good catch!

  2. Beregond says:

    Democratic Underground ran the shirt picture before Buzzfeed. I did a Google Image and TinEye search on Friday night after a FB friend posted the pic to her TL at 6:39 pm on Friday. Various copies of that one photo were all that could be found, with the earliest appearing to be from DU. The Buzzfeed image wasn’t indexed at the time I searched Friday night.

    I argued then that it was a one off, whether from a custom shop that broke the law using the copyrighted Romney/Ryan logo, or a small silk screen rig like my college roommate used in our dorm room almost 30 years ago. (It might even be made with iron on transfer paper printed on a computer, but it looks more like ink to me.)

    You can see he was wearing a coat of some sort. It’s visible in the bottom right corner of the picture and at his left hip, tied around his waist. Despite the nasty suspicions of my friend and some of her friends who disagreed with me, no campaign would allow that kind of thing to be worn at their own rally, it would be suicide.

    The anti-Palin Zazzle shop certainly uses the slogan, but doesn’t have that particular shirt. I very much suspect it was a one off or small batch job. That the slogan is found on a left wing Zazzle shop is enough to make one suspect a false flag operation.

  3. John Cunningham says:

    Stacy McCain pointed out the same considerations at clearly a false flag operation, no?

  4. Steve Skubinna says:

    Recall that teacher in Oregon who was busted setting up Tea Party smears, using infiltrators? He’s just the one that got caught.

  5. Jeryl Bier says:

    Buzzfeed actually misspells the name of the photographer:

    “Update Jamie Sabua, the Getty photographer”

    It’s Sabau, not “Sabua.” Details, details…

  6. Rich Vail says:

    This is yet another case of “progressives projecting”. I’ve written something on this recetly.

    Liberals really have some “issues” that they refuse to admit to…

  7. bandit says:

    He didn’t need a coat since he was only going to be there long enough for the picture.

  8. Kevin McGarry says:

    A Facebook friend said that she was standing behind this fool and that he never applauded or behaved like a supporter of Romney/Ryan at any time.

  9. werewife says:

    The important point, IMHO, is that lefty reporters go to lefty events like Occupy Wherever, going all the way back to the nuclear freeze movement (when I first started noticing this practice [see, I just dated myself.]), and manage never to see a single radical – even though the demonstration is positively crawling with self-labeled Communists, anarchists, etc. Meanwhile, they go to righty events and, in a crowd of conventional, respectable people, find their way unerringly to the one or two nutcase extremists in a crowd of thousands.

    Hey, Bandit, my avatar thinks yours is really sexy. ;)

  10. John R. says:

    Is there anything in the way of citation for the version of events that is described here? This all seems plausible to me, but I would like to know the factual basis for it.

    For instance, that he positioned himself in front of the camera stand and took his jacket off, and that he was escorted out by security. Is there a news article or first-hand account that verifies this? Thank you.

  11. Tyler Sorsee says:

    Jamie Sabau seems to be primarily a sports photographer.
    Note that Jamie has already changed his address and phone number to generic information on the Sportshooter site
    Address: 123 Main St, Columbus, OH 43210, US
    Phone: 212-555-1212

  12. PeterK says:

    I believe this is the photog

    what gets me is that only one photographer saw that shirt? no one others shot it? no one shot the individual being hussled away? I would love to see Sabau’s flash cards for the images he shot before and after this one.

    reminds of the individuals at the Republican convention who heckled the CNN cameraperson with racist epithets. we still don’t know their names nor any description. I still suspect that was a false-flag operation by liberal/progressives

  13. Mira says:

    Hi Bob, Just a heads up – I had read this post this am, and attempted to re-visit later on by going through Instapundit’s link again. Yahoo popped up a page, declaring this was a forbidden site, security problem.. blah blah. I could able to reach you again by going through my computer’s history. You are the fourth conservative site that has had its insta-link blocked by search engines I’ve run into over the last three days. I’m thinking someone may be hacking the links to stop traffic to your evidence and other sites. It has been done before. Good observations btw, Well done.

  14. Dan says:

    At least they aren’t wearing birther T-shirts.

  15. Janet says:

    I was at that rally and no it was not cold. When the sun went down it was cool but up until the speeches were over the sun was still strong and many were removing coats and many T shirts were worn. I feel that yes, this person did this for attention and knew it was going to be the wrong kind of attention. There are many radicals in this world. Ask yourself WHY didn’t this happen in any other political rally around the US ? Fairfield County is a known republican county so said that I would rather believe that this person had an axe to grind,extremely uneducated,a sick sense of humor or just a racist. I’m sure he had a jacket on most of the time to hide it. Anybody there would realize this was not the way to campaign for a candidate.

    • Jason Dover says:

      I was at that event. It was cool maybe not cold. I wore a t-shirt and polo but wished I had grabbed a jacket.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for the photog to call back

  17. Chauncey says:

    Hi, I became aware of this photo (on Twitter) just a few hours after the rally so it must have the eWorld fairly rapidly. I did a search of “Lancaster Romney Rally” and it popped up in a pro-Obama post. Mind you, just hours after the rally, 2-3 tops.

    To comment about the weather, it was a bit chilly that day (to me), especially as the evening progressed.

    I have to admit, I myself, am pictured in this controversial image as well (not sure how thrilled about that I am LOL). I’m the guy standing a couple rows ahead of him in the ‘background’ with the bright white hoodie. My girlfriend is holding her pink cell phone up in front of me.

    Now, I can’t say I can recall seeing this guy there, even though he is pictured right behind me. However, I can tell you that there were no ‘official’ press or photographers located on the riser seating behind us. The seating was mostly occupied by seniors early on.

    That’s my input. Nothing much though.