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Obama supporters: “I’ma start a riot” if Romney wins

Written By: Bob - Oct• 09•12

Nothing shows a grasp of the Democratic process like threatening to riot if King Putt’s campaign continues to go down the toilet.

The refrain “I’ma start a riot” is apparently to a references to a song called “Riot” (deep, thought-provoking lyrics about economic policy and gender equality here) by a semi-literate rapper Tauheed Epps.

I have no doubt that some of Obama’s supporters would indeed like to riot when Obama loses (Andrew Sullivan and Chris Matthews at the head of the pack), but suspect most of them are too lazy to break a sweat. That that really would riot are those that would also riot over nearly any other reason, like their favorite sports team winning/losing, or not liking Tuesday.

If they are attempting to send a message of intimidation, I’d merely remind them who has been buying millions of firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition since 2008.

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  1. Orion says:

    There will be no riots.

    Obama will be ‘reelected’ with a narrow margin in a ‘comeback’ showing his campaigning skills and intellect.

    The script was written long ago – we’re just going through the third act now. The election is a farce and more and more people are realizing it as more and more people lose all faith in the media and government and it becomes readily apparent just how much voter fraud there is.

    The Chicago Machine at a nationwide level.


    • Ali_Gator says:

      I disagree. There’s no doubt that Hugo Chavez had his election results calculated a week before the election. Fortunately, our elections are still controlled at the state level and this time, I think there will be little incentive for most of the states to cooperate with the Chicago machine.

      After WonderBarry loses the election, I fully expect that he’ll encourage rioting in subtle ways. And there are always a good supply of people ready to riot. Just remember the Los Angeles rioters lost their enthusiasm real quick when they entered the Korean district…

  2. Junk Science Skeptic says:

    I’m much more concerned about the damage that will be done by a lame-duck president and senate. It will likely make the Gore insurgency look like a late checkout from a Motel 6.

  3. thebronze says:

    Oh please, please, please let this happen!!!